Thursday 6 October 2016

Little bit of stitchery in a basket! ---- won't hurt?

Sewing small pieces of fabric together
gives a peaceful heart and  quilt
to wrap you in love ...

Thinking about this week off yesterday and I thought to myself a little bit of stitchery in a basket in my bedroom would not hurt would it?  I mean when I am sat in bed instead of reading I could in theory steal some early morning stitches .. So with that in mind I have made up a tiny basket for myself to be able to do just that, plus when we go to Bath for three days I can take it with me and when we are in our room I can have a little stitch or six...  I know I know I said a week off but really no stitching for a week would probably make me a little stir crazy.  Goodness knows how I would
feel if I had to stop stitching!!!

My husband found my snuffling around finding little bits to put in there and laughed at me.  I told him it was because I was working on my P.H.D in sewing (Projects Half Done!) and that made him smile too! when I explained it to him so with that in mind I have cut some fabric bits before tidying the dinning room that are for hexagon making and I cut 20 so I have a few to stitch.  One only takes a minute literally so I can have stolen minute stitches ... then I have a few bits in there in there own clear bags
to be able to pick up should I have a delightful 20 minutes or so.  The thing is when we are in Bath we will all go back to our rooms for a while to shower etc for dinner later so whilst my husband is in the bathroom I can sit and have a little sew ... Other wise I will be sat twiddling my hair and tapping my fingers.

Well with that in mind I decided it would be good for me to take just a wee bit of stitchery and make good use of some time ... I am also going to  pack up a good book as well and then with our time in hotels with our friends I can relax and decide what I would like to do ..

I have taken three vintage patchwork quilt pieces that I have written sayings on and so I have chosen some threads to take and that is an easy pick up and put down project.  If our friends get tired late afternoon and before we all go out to dinner whilst away in Hotels then I am not wasting time in a hotel room with nothing much to do.  Do not get me wrong a lovely bath and not having to rush is great but then if there is still time then I can sit and have a little stitch .... I know I should go to meetings shouldn't I ...Hello my name is Sarah and I am a stitcher holic ....  .

I am hoping that my parcel of some more hand dyed shaker threads variegated by the very nature that some of the thread is darker that other parts and it looks so beautiful as you stitch along .. Its like natural shading!!
will come today as I am running low on one in particular called Holly Berry and it is used so much in my work ... its red as you can imagine but because they are hand dyed it is slightly

Honestly it is only a little bit of stitchery, feeling now that I should justify myself here but a few bits here and there will not hurt ...

I have cut out some fabric for some hexagons that I am working on so I am making up little bundles to stash around so there is always some stitching to hand (in our bedroom at home and in our suitcases to go away) whilst writing this I am shaking my own head so you are not alone doing this!

Looking forward to the rest though with not having to juggle housework, cooking, helping my mum and my stitching work will be wonderful so I am looking forward to this mini break and having time to just be.

Talking vintage patchwork quilt pieces for the moment, one of my designs has some very old English
paper pieces just pinned to the corner with the paper part showing with all the gorgeous old writing on it in sepia ink... It looks really lovely and sometimes simplicity just works.  I have sorted out a little pack of buttons to take with me as well and then if I get some finished then the button can be stitched on and then it will be complete.  My trade mark has to be on there and I know it will bug me if I do not have some with me ....

Well I must be off to juggle my day as I have some more housework to do and also have the Chimney sweep coming as well so if it is cold we can light a fire with out worry ... Nothing says hello and welcome to England like the fire brigade being called!!  I can then settle happily to my stitching and today I can cuddle in my favourite armchair and put the radio on ... my day is sorted.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I think you've made perfect plans Sarah. There are a lot worse thing that you could be addicted to! Enjoy your day xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Yes exactly there are worse addictions out there but I have justified a little stitching to take with me. I hate sitting and doing nothing.

      It may well be I do not have time to pick up a needle but I would hate take that risk and be fed up in hotel rooms....

      I will miss writing my blog daily too.

      Enjoy your day and hope you are well.

      Sarah xxx

  2. Haha! The comment about the fire brigade did make me laugh out loud! You are a woman on a mission Sarah - have a super break! Mo xx

  3. I was a woman on a mission! Determined and running around like a headless chicken..

    Glad I made you laugh, I am the nutter in our house..
    Friends here safely, chimneys safe.. all is well. Let the fun begin.
    Have a great week Mo.

    Sarah xxx