Friday 7 October 2016

Stunning vintage fabrics, linens, embroidery threads, buttons and delicious vintage quilt pieces!

Cosy cold nights, warm blankets
with hot chocolate and a sewing basket 

Getting my sewing room ready has been my last thing on my list for today, as we speak our friends are in the air and I am very excited about them coming here.  I know when they go back and I want to return to my stitching and another commission that I have said yes to for a magazine idea for next year that I will want to be able to just stitch.  So some serious sorting out today is being done in my sewing room.  

I also know that the clocks will be changing here soon and that means dark short days soon enough so I will want to get everything ready to be able to sit by the fire and stitch.  My husbands hours a long during the week and so I spend a lot of time on my own
waiting for him.  Now I could read, which I do or watch a little television, which is not my favourite thing to do but if I have a warm drink and a blanket over my knees then a bit of sewing with candles going and a table lamp makes my wait for him go quicker ....  So with that in mind I am kind of hunkering down with lots of things already to be able to just pick up.  I would like all the baskets complete to be able to actually complete each project.

I have been doing lots of cutting out of applique pieces and getting the correct threads I want to
match up whilst the light is still very good.  I do not want to second guess anything, just have it ready to go go go!  So today is about sorting through so when I return here on the 17th October it is all neat, tidy and ready for the off.

I do not mind the Winter evenings but it is really is the light and I think I should get myself a daylight lamp ... That would make my stitching a bit easier by 4pm .. It is something I am going to look into soon.

I am loving getting all vintage American patchwork pieces through the post and deciding what to stitch on them for a series I am making to get framed for the wall .. As I have said some will be for sale as well so if you might be interested let me know...  They are so different from what is available here in England and they will make beautiful pictures for our home.  I have have had so much fun researching sayings, quotes and bits of poetry that mean things to me .. I love the button search as well ...

I am waiting to hear when our friends touch down today and can
not wait to leave to pick them up later ... It will be so good to see them. This morning though I am going to try and focus on my sewing room and these gorgeous very old, but new to me patchwork pieces from old quilts ... I can not choose between them as to what is  my favourite right now... too hard for me but I am drawn to red and white and blue and white ...

This piece on the left has a touch of grey in it and that really adds to the appeal of this piece for me.  What is your favourite?

The thing is when the darker colder weather comes later this month and our friends are gone and it
could be a bit of a anti climax these beauties will lift my spirit and I will be able to grab my bundle of quilt pieces and stitch little sayings on and add to them ... then taken to the framers it is enough to lift any blues that may occur!

I also have ordered a few more of my favourite embroidery threads as I was running low on some of the colours and as I am not
personally picking them up in America this year I ordered some to be sent here which 'Happy Days' arrived safely ... I have plenty now of all the colours that I use .. strangely enough the one I use so many of is called Holly Berry and as you know these are the Shaker hand dyed threads.. I love the colour so much and five more have landed on the mat just yesterday .... You can see the colours that I ordered .. so there are five Holly Berry, Apple Cider, Brick Path, Garden Gate, Tradewind & Burlap so I have a good supply of some of my favourite colours and therefore I am not going to run out and then have to wait 3/4 weeks for them to arrive.  I am really proud of myself for doing an inventory and making sure that when that my Winter stitching is not disrupted by lack of materials to finish a project.

Well that is it for today do not forget there is a little blog tomorrow morning with a tutorial so this is not my final one ... It is a really good one so please come back and have a read.  I will miss writing and talking to you all but will be back here Monday week (17th October) so have a great weekend all and a fabulous week ahead.

I did make up a little basket of stitchery to sit beside my bed (for this weekend here) and for me to
pick up and take to the hotels we are staying at  Shhhhhhh  ... I could not help it and my husband thought it highly amusing and said that it was ok... as he said if there is no time, well there is no time but he knows if we were sat in our room for an hour or so and I did not have any stitching! well then I would drive him crazy.

Thing is the little basket grew a bit so I have had to do some culling on it ... I know we will be very busy and it will only be early morning if I wake or early evening before dinner if they would like a rest too. I had a huge bundle and realised that it was far to much ... Three projects are coming with me to finish. Oh well this is it, There is a great tutorial tomorrow so please pop in and have a look. Then that will be me for a week.  I will miss talking to you all.

Take care and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Have a wonderful time with your friends.
    Julie xxxxx

    1. Thank you! Julie.. very excited, we all can not wait!.

      Have a great week.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. I will miss your lovely blogs but nice to think of you enjoying the company of your American friends xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn it's lovely to know they are enjoyed..
      Have a great week ..
      Sarah xxxxx

  3. Sarah, I find myself really looking forward to reading your blog and hearing all your latest news and goings on - such a delight. I shall miss them, but do do have a super break - I'm off to Portugal for a few days R and R and have sneaking in my paper pieces and some remnants, so that I can do some each evening - you started this! Regarding e quilts, my favourites are the Red and white and the pinks and greens - simply gorgeous. Have fun! Mo xx

    1. Thank you Mo
      Really lovely to hear the feedback on my blog. And that I have started you off on paper piecing lol!
      Have a fabulous break yourself and we will reconvene when we both return.
      Hope you get some lovely weather too.

      Sarah xxxx