Thursday 20 October 2016

Quilt pieces and sayings .....

Simplicity is often the
best and more effective!

With me collecting some very beautiful vintage quilt pieces from America and not wanting to cut them up further I am so pleased that I decided just to add a very little something something to them.
 A little bit of stitchery and a button is the way to go and without disruption to any of the original hand quilting or fabric.  As the lady that I buy from saves pieces of otherwise not fit for purpose quilts with cutting around the good bits of the quilt, she saves some great pieces.  She said to me that if she did not cut them as she does she would get more bits of quilts but they would not look so good, and I am so glad that she sees it that way.  Often there is the original border around a piece and that is perfect for adding my stitching to as then there is nothing obstructing the original pattern and it looks so much better like that, I believe.

I have a nice pile now that I have written the saying, quote or poem on, and it is then all about sitting this winter and simply stitching them and putting a button on them.  It is a very simple but effective way to maintain the original beauty and then just a little personal touch, which in my humble opinion, just adds some Va Va Voom! and a little natural enhancement to each piece.  My words to live by 'let your work speak for itself ' .... its never let me down.

Whilst choosing the ones that I would like to keep for us I have obviously been looking at their every detail and wondering about them.  I have a huge imagination and I adore history, put these two elements together and you get me almost making up stories about each piece of quilt.  Who stitched
the quilt, was it one person or a sewing bee where lots of ladies sat around stitching it for a wedding gift maybe.  It happened a lot in America.  Then its about who owned the quilt too and the things that it could tell about living conditions and travels .... I simply love history.
(image found on google)

It is a little sad that the days are growing shorter and the evening seems to start around 6.30 ish but soon enough when the clocks go back the days will turn into evening around 4pm...  I really must look into one of those day light lamps or my stitching day will shorten too.  With my husbands hours of work I would then have to find something else to do and I refuse to do housework in the dark!!  That said I am a reader and of late I have not been reading enough.  I love reading novels as well as stitchery books or indeed learning about things such as buttons or hand dyeing fabrics with plants and veg/fruit.  So I have made it into my plan to read something daily .. keeps the mind going!

Red and white and blue and white colours seem to be my favourite right now and although lots of you may groan at this Christmas is slightly on my mind.  I am afraid when you make it has to be.  I can not complete several projects on Christmas Eve and then wrap them.  So I am looking at these colours for things to make as well.  Basically I have six weeks to complete some and four weeks for other things as I do have friends abroad and posting times are in November and I like mine to go when it is less busy and less chance of disappearing in what I refer to as the ether of Christmas posting.  

I have to say my lovely Mum is not well and her dementia is rattling on.  She needs more and more help but has enough about her to know she is in her own home and the fear in her face if we mention going to live somewhere where she has 24/7 care  distresses me.  There is me and my sister and also my Mums  sister who all help and we are now getting some help for her in her own home.  It has taken months of paperwork to sort it and will be starting soon.  She was not keen but its the only way she can stay in her flat with her little dog and so more and more of my time in a week is dedicated to her because after all she looked after us and made us what we are today.  I can take some stitching with me and also she loves to iron still, strangely enough.... The doctor said we should give her things to do so I take over say 10 T Shirts and say I am behind and can she help .... she loves doing it for me and we chat whilst she is doing that and I am stitching ...   We talk about her grandmother and I am learning so much about my Great Grandma that I never knew its fantastic. I have learnt who liked to sew in my family and where they lived, she remembers it all at the moment.

Are any of you sewing something for a present or even crochet or knitting? If so I would love to hear about it on here.  It is lovely to know about your projects and what you are creating, so please share.

So that is it today my ramblings are over so have a wonderful day and as always ......

 Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I love red like you, and I have just collected and started my grand-daughters quilt in different shades of red.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. That sounds wonderful Julie, and appropriate for her name as well if I remember correctly... what I beautiful keepsake she will have. Lucky to have such a talented Grandma.

      Sarah xxxxxx

    2. Yes you remembered correctly!

      Julie xxxxxx

    3. Ah good I am glad ...
      Lucky little girl would love to see some of it when you have something to show Julie.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Sarah, I had not realised your mum had dementia - I am sorry to hear that. You are of course right to try and support her living at home and maintain her normal routine. I'm glad you are getting support - paperwork does make it a drawn out affair. How lovely though that you are getting to spend precious time with her - reminiscing is so important and a recognised therapy for people with Dementia ( as is ironing!)

    I know exactly what you mean about letting your work speak for itself - I often put something down because I'm a bit stuck and go back to it the next day and hey presto, I look at it again and I instantly know what it needs. I am busy making for this craft fair my sister and I are taking a stall at. I am so enjoying putting little things together from my stash of new and vintage fabrics and haberdashery. I don't actually think I have time to do all I want, as I work full time, but this is very much a taster to see how we fair! I've remembered your advise though and am quite excited about it - shall of course take some pics and send to you! Best wishes to your mum.
    Love, Mo xx

  3. Thank you Mo!
    Well only a few people knew about my mum but its getting worse weekly and its been a harrowing week this week.
    That said we are trying this first but it is galloping on and she can not have care this way 24/7 so we do not know how long it will last. She walks her doggie by the River but this week she could not find it and said someone had moved the River .. I did giggle but it is distressing as well.

    I am so excited to be seeing what you are creating Mo and to hear about your day....
    I wish I could get to it in Scotland ( I believe that is where you are) but its just that little bit too far.

    Enjoy creating and take care.

    Sarah xxx