Saturday 8 October 2016

Danish Knot embroidery stitch ....

Good Morning All and Happy Weekend.

Well our friends have arrived safely and so it is now about us all having some time together to catch up, laugh a lot and for us to show them some sights as well.  Let us hope the weather behaves some what ...

So for my last post until Monday 17th October I would like to show you this fabulous stitch that I have been using on a piece that I am playing with at the moment. It is called the Danish knot and it is a great stitch to use ...

I was sat having a coffee in bed this morning, whilst the house is still quiet and I thought that I had not shown you this stitch before and I am correct ... I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and I will see you in a week.  In the meantime enjoy your weekend and have a really good week
As always Happy Stitching! XX

1 comment:

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