Thursday 8 January 2015

Siren of the Sea

Thou rememberest since once I sat upon a promontory
and heard a mermaid on a Dolphins back
uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath
that rude sea grew civil at her song
and certain stars shot madly from their spheres
to hear the sea-maids music!

William Shakespeare 

Choices choices choices!

I am working on my mermaid sampler at the moment, at least getting it ready to do the hand stitching and embroidery so that when it grows cold and dark, I can retreat to my open fire and cosy down with a warm drink and carry on.

I thought I knew which fabric I wanted to use for her stunning fabric tail but now I am unsure!! grrrr

I do not want to cut one out and think oh no, should have used this one or that one.  I am so looking forward to starting this project but I do not want to make a mistake.

I have an article to write for a British vintage magazine and photos to take so I am busy as the deadline is this month but I am also eager to get stitching!

I have decided on the the sampler words so that is finalised (not the words above) so now it is decision time today.....

I will show you the four candidates, yes four!!!

This is the original  contender! and I think the winner.

I love the blues and greens in this one!

The green in this is stunning with little splashes of blue!

Then you see there this stunner!!

As you can see I have  a awful lot of thinking to do, but I have pinned them on my tailor dummy and then kept going and looking and walking away and then going back....

So this is my job today then when I have cut her tail out I can then pin it on ready to stitch and draw the rest of her to embroider and the saying and I will be away!

I hope whatever you are doing today that you have a great day! I will let you know tomorrow how it went today....

Happy Stitching!

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