Tuesday 13 January 2015

Magazine work

Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing.

Good morning all and brrrrrr it's cold outside!

Oh am I glad that I work at home on a day like to day, the wind and the rain and the cold makes me so pleased that I do what I do and love doing it!

I feel so sorry for the folk in Scotland at the moment with the weather that is battering them and lots still without electricity as well.

I am busy today working on an article for Pretty Nostalgic magazine ( Spring Issue).  I am writing an article for the magazine and also stitching for the pages that I will be on .... all exciting stuff!

My article is about there and just a few adjustments for me to make and then it will be taking some photo's and doing some art work ( in the form of stitching).

This will be taking up my day today as I watch the trees bending and the rain going sideways.  It makes me so happy in my stitching room or by the open fire.

In addition to this I will be cutting out some fabrics for this and choosing some stunning buttons.... Look out for the Spring issue of this beautiful all British magazine on the shelves soon.  I will of course let you know the date when I know it.   This delicious magazine has all sorts of wonderful articles and ' how to' information.  The ethos of this great publication is to waste less, appreciate more, spend wisely.  The Editor and owner of this magazine is Nicole and she urges her readers to be creative and have a sustainable living inspired by the past.  Up-cycling and vintage fabrics, buttons and use our skills to make do and mend..... This is a magazine not to be missed.
You can also take out a subscription which then means the magazine pops through your letter box.... and on days like today that is a happy piece of mail to have with your morning coffee!!

Have a great day and Happy Stitching! 

Look out for this stunning magazine!

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