Thursday 22 January 2015

Professional Needle Felting Tutorial Basics1

If you go down in the woods today
your sure of a big surprise!!   

Good morning all

I thought you may like to see the needle felting tutorial  I am making some jointed animals by this method and be putting Homespun Stitchworks finishing touches to them for my up and coming website to buy.  When I was looking for some tips on shaping etc, I came across this tutorial and as I have had a few emails on the subject, though some of you may like to see it.  This is part One and I will do part Two next week......

I have been felting my own vintage wool recently as well so I have I am enjoying this slight change to make something a little different, I hope you enjoy it....

This is what can be achieved with needle felting and also you can joint your animals as well, which is what I am doing on my designs......

I really hope you enjoy this as it is different from my stitchery but you can do so much with vintage embroidery and fabric to make it different and unique..... watch this space for my designs..

Happy Felting!

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