Friday 9 January 2015

A Fishy Tail !

“I am a creature of the Fey
Prepare to give your soul away
My spell is passion and it is art
My song can bind a human heart
And if you chance to know my face
My hold shall be your last embrace

Yesterday, as you know, i was having to decide which of the four fabrics to choose for my Mermaids tail..... then a curve ball hit! yes could there be a fifth choice!! Oh dear.

Well I have bought some more fabrics and awaiting to take delivery of them you see, and I took a closer look at at one and thought 'that could be good' too! so there was more deliberation on the matter.

But I decided to settle on my first choice.  So yesterday after a shaky start, went well.

I managed to finalise my choice of fabric, draw the pattern for my mermaids tail, cut it out of my fabric and also finish writing an article for a magazine!

So now I have to get my mermaid picture for stitching by stitching the tail onto vintage French linen and drawing the rest of the design for embroidering.  

In addition to all that I need to design a banner for my business and stitch it ready for use by the end of the month..... it is all go here!

Today is all about the above so it will be a busy day, but productive now that the deliberation has been solved.

The weekend is upon us so do not forget it is the stitch of the week tomorrow and have a wonderful weekend.

Have a great day what ever you are doing and Happy Stitching!

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