Friday 16 January 2015

Adorable fabrics, buttons and threads!

I am happy to report that my article stitching for Pretty Nostalgic magazine is coming along now.  I had to choose some fabrics for the article header and therein was the problem, which ones to use!

Anyway it is coming along nicely and all set up and I can stitch by the fire with it now, which is a blessing as it has been a dreadful week for weather here on the South Coast!

Then I can turn my attention fully to making my mermaid sampler and also getting ready with other projects that have a deadline as well.

I must say I enjoy writing articles to go into magazines and so far I have done far more of that for American magazines than here in my home country, so this opportunity to be in the best vintage magazine has been a great experience.

Now a little news.... I am writing a craft book!! yes and have been working on it last year as well.  I had no trouble in deciding what to include ( well not really) then of course I have had to find the materials for the projects and of course writing it and I am stitching for it as well.... Not to mention other work that I must do and commissions......  I will update you monthly as to how it is going.

That has been a problem with not being able to show you pictures of what I am actually stitching, so do please forgive the secrecy and the cloak and daggers!  Hopefully all will be revealed later this year.  I have a huge work schedule laid out before me and really must work very hard indeed, but it is something that I am passionate about and would like to achieve, to get people making pretty things for themselves and as gifts for other....

I can not believe that is the end of the second week back from the Christmas break!! where does time go to I wonder.  Writing my blogs and emails and articles takes several hours of my day and I suppose the early sunsets in Winter months do nothing to help.  I tend to working longer days in the Summer months...

Anyway have a wonderful weekend and don't forget that tomorrow is the stitch of the week.....

Happy Stitching!

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