Monday 26 March 2018

Worn, Weathered and stitched with love ...

     ............... words to inspire, to plant a thought
 or place a picture in someones mind, just  
adds to a piece of hand stitchery. ♡

Sorry that I am later this morning unfortunately my mum is very unwell and its been a very worrying few days.  I was sat with her for hours yesterday waiting for a doctor that came at 9pm in the end.  I am going to phone later today to see how her night eventually was.  She was very agitated as well she has two infections and a temperature...  I will let you know tomorrow how she is going on.  Now to stitchery ..

It amazes me, still, how a needle and thread can embellish and add to beauty on vintage fabrics and antique pieces of quilts.  To watch as your work grows with each tiny, slow and deliberate stitch the change of a already beautiful piece of textile unfolds in front of your eyes.

Even something like visible mending can be beautiful in my eyes and the fabric may not need a mend it seems to bring another dimension to a piece of fabric art I always think.

My needles are threaded today and time to stitch some more work for print - inspiration has taken hold of me and I am looking forward to a quiet day of slow stitching with my thoughts and bird watching.  The garden is all of a buzz with the sun that has appeared and the birds are flying  around with there busy day, sorted it seems.

My little wire basket has been sorted also and a very neat and tidy work basket it is too or was until
this little lady popped up in it  with family - helping?!  It seems all the wild life is nesting and getting ready for the Summer months ahead and of course about families that will fill our beautiful world with more nature and keep that all important cycle going for future generations...

French knots are my favourite thing to embroider right now and I enjoy doing little clusters to bring interest and texture to a piece.  The things that you can make with these tiny and easy stitches is outstanding ...

The joy of the way that fabric art is going is that it does not have to be structured or indeed represent anything in particular, just stitching and adding fabrics and interesting stitches and texture to a piece. Words for me are all important, I love them, its the wordsmith in me.  If I feel a piece of my work will benefit from even one word added or indeed a saying or quote, then It makes me happy.  A word, just one, can inspire or induce thoughts and there is magic in a word and language. 💮

Sometimes when just adding some hand quilting like stitches to some fabric or old quilt it is lovely to be intentionally random, yet form a pattern to add to a piece of textile's story....

Something about worn and preloved fabrics with added little stitches and texture from this decade to go along with the original and already mended or added to stitches over already past decades.  History - at its best for future generations to look at and wonder at all over again.

Also loving mixed media pieces as well and have found the most gorgeous of books when I went to see a friend in Bridport last week it is delicious.  I can not break up this book it is too special but oh the beautiful images ..  Also I like combining old papers, stitching, calligraphy and dried flowers too.  The glass calligraphy pens in the picture are my tools of choice they are amazing and one good dip and they holds ink for a good sentence so its not dip dip dip every few seconds ...

With so much inspiration that surrounds us in nature and architecture and the beauty in places that we see in our everyday lives.  The ocean, countryside, towns and villages.  Road sides with flowers and the shapes of trees.  I noticed trees more in the snow with it settling on their branches as if it was outlining their beauty.  Each tree so very different from the other with branches that looked like a labyrinth of pathways reaching into the sky ... such everyday beauty that we tend not to see and take for granted yet it is there in front of us to wonder at.  🍁

On this Monday morning I am going to enjoy my stitching and wondering's and see what inspired
piece I can come up with.  It is a short week as Easter is upon us .. can you believe it.  I am not sure where this year is running off to.  Soon enough it will be April and this seems so fast to me.  We are forever wishing our time away, can not wait for Spring, can not wait for Summer and so on but it really does come around too fast and therefore we should just enjoy our moments in time as and when they appear and make the very best of them and enjoy our seasons ...

Well I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and that they have inspired you to pick up your own needle and thread today.  I hope  you all have a wonderful day.   All that is left to say is I will see you tomorrow and of course as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. An inspiration to this Kindred Spirit. Thank you! ❤❤

    1. Lora I am so pleased and humbled that I can inspire, thank you!

      Have a fabulous day.
      Sarah X

  2. Sending thoughts and hugs. Hope your mum will soon be brighter again. Xxx

  3. Late as usual Sarah! I'm so sorry to hear your mum's poorly and I do hope she had a better day. This is a very inspirational time of year isn't it, with so much bursting into life and the wildlife bustling about getting ready to welcome the next generation. It's been a glorious few days here and I've managed to make some headway in the garden. I'm determined to get some stitching done tomorrow - that's the trouble with nice weather.....Mo xxxxx

    1. Hi Mo
      Mum really under the weather and I am off to cuddle her soon.
      I was with her last weekend and my sister and my Mums siblings have given me Easter off.
      I am very tired ... it’s a welcome gift.
      Yes lots of inspiration is around us and I am looking forward to stitching in the garden!
      Have a wonderful Easter and watch out for post!
      Love Sarah xxxxxx

  4. Sorry to hear about your mum. Just to say my dad was out of sorts on Sunday afternoon too, in fact all the residents seemed to be to the extent one resident thought I was his daughter and proceeded to tell me off, and when I smiled because I couldn't understand really what he was saying he asked me why I was smiling and that after what I had done I shouldn't be. I put it down to the clocks going forward - I have to say I was out of sorts Sunday and Monday too.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      Sorry to hear that. My Mum is running a fever and Cellulitis as well as another infection.. it’s really bad bless her.
      Today I am going to cuddle her and I am taking my deign book for when she is asleep and a little slow stitching!
      Hope today is better for you and that your Dad is better.
      Sunday they held a Palm Sunday tea party at Mums with cakes and decorations and pots of coffee and tea. My Mum would have loved that if she had been better!

      Sarah xxxxxxxxx