Tuesday 13 March 2018

Needles, threads and iron on designs ......

Needles, threads, beautiful old linens,
boxes, tissue papers, iron on designs,
buttons and gorgeous strings and ribbons!
OH MY ..

I am a little behind my time today, with having our friend here early nights are not happening!  The evenings are full of laughter by the fireside and sipping wine and suddenly we realise the time.

Well there are a few exciting things to tell you, firstly everything has been picked up from the printers, the boxes are here and the fabric is cut.  The buttons are ready so yesterday I ironed the three transfers out onto vintage French linen to make sure I have the proper details on the instructions I am writing out.

There is a wee bit of stitching this week to be done and some photos taken and then the first 40 kits will be out for sale.  It has been decided the series of four will stay as four so the first kit has four designs contained within their pretty box and will be priced accordingly.  The kit contents will be four pieces of antique French linen, four iron on designs, four buttons, instructions, a letter from me.  It all comes beautifully presented in a box.  Having been through the process now, I now know the work that goes into bespoke slow stitch kits and is a far cry from mass produced ones in some shops.

I could have, I supposed just design something and send the pattern to iron on through the post in an envelope but those of you reading this who know me well would know that is not how it should be presented in my eyes .... The hours that so far has gone into these is somewhat crazy but I am hoping that you will like them.  I then have another 40 of another design that will follow later on with only the one design in it.  If people like them then I will produce more and my line of slow stitching kits
will be born.

The second exciting thing is that it is The Vintage Bazaar on Saturday in Devizes and it it going to be outstanding.  There are some great names stalling there in this beautiful market town. The  address:

The Corn Exchange
Market Place
SN10 1HS

9am - 3pm
Admission £2

I am afraid there is no cafe within there but there are some great ones just on its doorstep around the square.   No doggies allowed I am afraid.
There is plenty of parking in Devizes and there is a large public car park.  The town itself has some gorgeous quaint little shops as well as cafes and restaurants and is the perfect day out.  Treasure hunting at its best and time out for cake and coffee....

I will be there on Saturday and will be taking lots of photos for you all so that you can have a look for yourselves.  The Corn Exchange is a beautiful historic building and reminds me of something out of Dickens ...  You think Scrooge will wander out of there in his top hat and black tail coat.  If you would like anymore information then go to Thevintagebazaar.blogspot.com and take a peek.  I will see some of you there I know so do come up and say hello.

I have some sorting out to do today as well as some serious stitching by the fire.  As usual it has all come at once after the weeks of waiting.  My first bit was done withing a week as I set to and sketched but it was waiting for the actual designs to be put onto iron on transfer paper for me to sew that has taken some time.  All the components are in place now so wish me luck.

Running along side having a great friend as a guest here all week I am juggling and trying not to drop any balls right now so please bare with me.

Miss Muddy beak was most annoyed this morning at not being fed at her normal early hour and I have realised that I have been very regimented in how I run my working days.  I think at the moment it will have to change a bit because sometime life throws curve balls and it is not always possible.  There I was saying how sorry I was to her and thinking honestly little lady you have me in your pocket!! 

I am looking forward to getting the kits sorted and them getting on with some wonderful slow stitching that is piling up in my little wire basket by my chair.  I still have to finish writing in my family history journal as well and I have little piles of unfinished things around me.  It makes my head fuzzy ...

I went in on Mothers Day to see my Mum and she was very sleepy and was only awake for around 15 minutes of our visit.  She was a little confused at even more cards and presents and it seemed a bit much for her to be honest.  With the snow coming and not having her Birthday on the correct day but receiving flowers but having the  care home do Christmas.  A week later a big family party and gifts and then days later even more. She was happy to see me and my husband and smiled.  He sat and held her hand and we had a little chat.  She fell asleep cuddled into him.  She does not see him that often and she was beyond happy to see him.  She tells everyone he is a Doctor!  he is not but we do not correct her any more.

Today the sun is shinning after yesterday with a monsoon going on and the garden has started to look like Spring.  The crocuses and daffodils are nodding in the sun out there and the garden has buds everywhere you look. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day today and I will see you back here on Thursday.  Take care and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Thank you for the mention of our Vintage Bazaar. Look forward to seeing you there! xx

    1. My pleasure Liz. Look forward to seeing you too. Xx

  2. I know what you mean about being behind. It has taken me an hour to sort birthday cards for two Daughter-in-laws and one son, why does a simple job taken so long.......? I have been trying to cross stitch all morning - failed I will try again later except I have had a delivery of knitting wool.... what's a girl to do......?

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Lol! Julie I love it!.. indeed what is a girl to do!!! ..
      Hope you have had a good day!
      Sarah xxxxx

  3. I hope to get to England some time and would love going to many of the places you mentioned.

    Can not wait to see the vintage stitchery boxes. ❤❤

    1. Lora
      Let me know when you come . We can try and meet up!
      Working on them .. well the stitching of the samples right now ..
      Can not wait till they are done!

      Sarah xx