Thursday 8 March 2018

Cosy & Warm hand quilting day

Cosy and warm hand quilting by 
the fire.  Slow stitching at its best.


Well I would like to report that Mum had a wonderful time at her Birthday party.  She did not know it was a week late and was over the moon talking to her Sister and Brother as of course they have the same childhood memories and she seems to come alive around them.  It was the best Lunch and afternoon to see her so happy and smiling and she kept looking at my sister and I and smiling at us, like she knew we had organised this special day for her. We thought it may be two or three hours but it was five in the end with chatter and warm drinks after lunch.  Her little dog was re homed with her Sister and she was there and was asleep on my my Mums lap a lot of the time, but she is very happy in her new home.

Then she did something amazing, when my sister was washing up some cups, my Mum got up and picked up the tea towel and started drying them up.  And was making herself busy.  It really was lovely to see her so awake and happy.  She ate all of her lunch and of course her chocolate Birthday cake was a hit as well,  She loves cake and biscuits far more now than she has before and she was like a womble eating that.
She enjoyed her meal and her cake and the company.  She was surrounded by people who loved her and she really did have the best day.

My Mum has a one to one with her every day from when she gets up in the morning until she is tucked up in bed in the evening.  There are several in her care home that she is with but she has favourites and they are the ones that get the most out of her and love working with her so much.  One of those is Danni and she is wonderful, they come out with my Mum where ever we take her and are very much part of our family now.  Danni was with us all yesterday and she helps my mum with her personal care as much as anything.  When mum was picked up yesterday she had mascara on and been showered and hair blow dried.  She had nail varnish on to match her top and this was all thanks to Danni who made sure that she coaxed her to a pamper session in the morning.

Today for me is a cosy down by the fire day and do some hand quilting in a piece I am finishing off.  It is the best sort of slow rhythmic stitching and you can get into a rhythm and really enjoy it.  I have my quilting wax out and it will be easy to go through the light layers of fabric and add some more history to the weave and threads that were already there.

If you are a fabric lover be it old or new than I do not have to explain to you that it is so tactile and to run you hand over its weave is just bliss.  I do like the patterns of the new of the bolt fabric especially French General but I have to say I just really do love vintage fabrics.  Anything pre 1950 for me.  I love the 1930 eiderdown fabrics and paisleys the best and the fact that they are over 100 years old they have that faded, pre-owned and pre-loved quality about them.  They are soft and gentle to the touch and as you know being a history buff I love to imagine their life before ending up with me.  I wonder of the stories they could tell and hope they are pleased to be loved and cherished again.

I am still trying to finish my needle keeper but I am rather doing lots of little things to it and popping things on it and walking away and coming back and looking to see if I think yes I will stitch that on or I think if I just do this there.. Still it will be one of a kind, a bit like me, and it will be everywhere with me so it has to be both functional and of course really eye catching beautiful ( in my eyes at least)

Now good news for you all.  My printer emailed me last night and said my designs are ready to pick up later today so I can start sorting them out and some made up to photograph and float out here and on Facebook Homespun page.... So now it is happening.  So after lunch I am going to head on down there and I am both excited and nervous all at the same time...

The fabric is cut as you all know but I have only stitched one of them so there is a little bit of
stitching to get done fairly quickly to be able to show you what they can look like.  Each kit will contain the iron on pattern, vintage French linen, button or buttons ( depending on the design) a note from me, instructions and contents of the kit.  They come in their own box and will be beautifully presented so next week I hope to get the first lot out for you all.  Remember there is only 40 of each design so I will give you notice the day before they come out for sale.

Well can you believe it is the weekend again.  This time last week there was 8 inches of snow here and then a good 2 inches of ice on top of that and then another inch or two of snow on top of that.  I could not see out of our windows for ice and the world was silent and the temperature was minus 8. Today we are already 8 degrees and the the garden has started to look like Spring with daffodils breaking through and my lovely gardener did some planting this week of shrubs.

So I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will be back here again on Monday morning.  As always Happy Stitching! XX

In a world where you can be 
anything .... Be Kind!


  1. Oh that is lovely, your mum sounds like she had the most wonderful day

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      Yes she had the best time and we made such happy memories for us as well. She looked fabulous and she was awake and alert and loving.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      Sarah xxxxxxx

  2. Wonderful to hear that your Mum enjoyed her party so much. It would be nice to see a photo of her one day. Xxx

    1. Evening Dawn

      Oh Mum did love her day and it was lovely to see her smile so. She may let us take a photo, she seems to scowl when a camera comes out1 LOL

      Have a fabulous weekend.

      Sarah xxxx

  3. Your final quote is one of my absolute favourites Sarah! I am so glad your mum had a lovely day - it sound just perfect. Her carer sounds amazing - the type all careers should be. It must be a weight off your mind to know your mums in such kind, thoughtful and insightful hands and that she is being treated as an individual. I am excited about the kits and hope to God I don't miss them. I just know they will be amazing. Love, Mo xxx

  4. That's so nice to hear Sarah. xo