Thursday 22 March 2018

Truffled goodies ... treasures for sure.

The wonder of The Vintage Bazaar
It never disappoints and always has
so much vintage treasure ...

Well it was a wonderful day as you have already read this week but what did I come home with you may be wondering.  Well in no particular order of purchase you understand here is what I plundered!
Isobelle has always got some gorgeous haberdashery as I showed you earlier in the week and there were some wonderful milliners flowers there and some gorgeous little antique mother of pearl buttons on their original cards.  Some were pink but I was interested in the cream mother of pearl and pick up a few cards for my collection and use.

I use the little milliner flowers in some of my mixed media designs and I always use buttons as you know so I was really pleased with my purchases.

Daisy Darling had the most beautiful vintage lovelies on her stall but I had seen some brooches that she had made and she had photographed some prior to the VB on the Saturday.  I was hoping I was in time to buy the one I had my eye on and to my joy she did as we were there early.  Later in the day it was a different story as I believe she sold most of these.  They are all hand made by Clare and she has hand painted on a delicate face to each.  I loved the one with the pink flower petals around this 1930,s chic lady and I adored the colours.  Her face is just beautiful and the care that has gone into each brooch!!  Hand made takes so much time and I am proud to be the owner of this beauty.

Then I was at Ginny Vintage Pink had some beautiful quilts, fabrics and quilt pieces for purchase on her stall.  I was very good in the fact that I walked away from the quilts on offer but she had this stunning piece of vintage fabric and it is fairly large so I am going to cut off what I would like and pop some in some fabric inspiration packs. It is a favourite of mine in the fact that it is fabric from an antique eiderdown that had probably seen better days.  Eiderdown and paisley fabric is my think and I can not resist it.

It is so me!

Leagrave Antique and Vintage had a beautiful collection of vintage goodies and on Tuesday I asked if
you could guess what I picked up and brought home with me. Now knowing me as you all do by now I am sure most of you guessed correctly.  Who could resist this book.  Well clearly not me.  It is the most darling thing and is as beautiful on the outside as it amongst its antique pages.  So many gorgeous paintings of flowers and the wild flower kind as well.  I am so happy with this beauty.

I had not even looked inside when I said yes please to this little book.  It is a great reference to wild flowers and some are very rare now so when I am hunting around the hedgerows this summer I will be able to identify them if I see them and jot down where and when I did.  I love wild flowers more than the cultivated ones .

I have photographed a few for you to look at and they are hand painted as well ... I am beyond thrilled with this treasure!

I bought a most gorgeous antique, hand painted button card as well from Linda Campbell it was such
a beautiful thing.  I already have a mother of pearl button card with flower shapes all present and correct and a button card with the tiny buttons that would go onto boots and dresses in all the most gorgeous soft colours and all mother of pearl which is framed and on my wall.  This card has a seaside theme and of sailors ... It would not normally be my thing but with the hand painted art on the card as well it just had to come back home to my wall of buttons... What do you think.?

Then I was at Vintage-On-Sea and as you may remember from the photos there was some gorgeous
china  and some fabrics as well as other beautiful goodies.

I did buy two china plates and I will photograph them on my dresser later on, I want to change it around a bit and pop them up so it will not be today.  However the fabrics are really beautiful and I was over the moon with them.  They are all nicely tucked up in tissue waiting to be stored but I have not
had time yet.  My sewing room needs a good sort out as I have been busy as you know.  I am now busy wrapping kits to send around the UK and America so tidy will have to wait until I finish that this week.

This fabric had my name on it and again what I do not need might end up in some fabric packs to move on.

I have some gorgeous fabrics and I use what I would like and keep a little for my personal use and then to make room for other fabrics still not discovered by myself yet.  It is the way forward I think.

The as you know I had made an order from Sarah of The Blueberry Patch and it had been some
weeks ago.  I had asked if she had any more primitive images and I wanted them on bigger cushions but with a matt image and not shiny.  As always this wonderful and lovely lady stepped up to the plate for me  once more.

I had ordered three and I love them so much.  Ready for the season later in the year around September when I like to decorate for Thanks Giving and go on over into Halloween.  Sarah is not at every fair so I wanted to be sure
I had these in my arsenal and ready.  I love primitive and my new designs are going that way a little.  I love the simple nature of them.

The old painted houses that I have loved for so many years and which feature in one of my Shaker inspired designs of late.  These on a cushion are just the right look for September time.

Then who could resist this image?! I ask you ... with the sheep and the old timber clad farmhouse ... It was perfect for what I was looking for.

So these were my treasures I brought home with me from the March Vintage Bazaar.

I am pleased to tell you all that they are doing it all again in April and this time it is in Frome.

It is on Saturday 28th April 2018 at ....

The Cheese and Grain
BA11 1BE

The doors open at 9am and close at 3pm and is only £2 Admission to walk into wonderland.  Frome is a beautiful town and there is so much to do and see so this is a great day out.  Needless to say I will be there.

Today for me is wrapping parcels and doing a little slow stitching along with a little tidy in my sewing room.  
Mrs Muddy Beak and Mr Robin are chatting away in the garden and they have been fed so I must go and see what is the matter.  It could be a cat in our midst so it is time to investigate further.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I think the sun might make an appearance for a little longer today.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. That brooch is so pretty

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. It is gorgeous isn’t it Julie! A handmade treasure!
      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Goodness, you have done well. We seem to have incredibly similar tastes, so of course I covet all your purchases! And every time I see a lovely piece of Paisley, I think "oh Sarah would love that!" 😊. The brooch is divine and in fact I think the image on it has a likeness of you dear lady. I'm sorry to have missed Devizes, as you know it's my favourite vintage fair; however we are planning 🤞🏻 On coming down to the one in Frome, so I am glad that many of the purveyors will be at that one too. Good luck with all the packing and mailing of your smashing little kits - can't wait to get started on mine. Have a good day - I'm off out for coffee with a friend, but hoping to spend some time in the garden later as the sun is bursting in the sky and then later still, I'll hopefully spend some time in my sewing room. Love, Mo xxxx

    1. Morning Mo!
      Thank you for purchasing Harriet Hare, she is the second kit going to Scotland!!
      They are traveling far and wide .. even America.
      Hope to see you both at Frome, my turn to buy the coffee!
      Have a lovely day in the garden and enjoy some sewing later .

      Sarah xxxx

  3. Thank you as always Sarah - it was lovely to see and chat to you on Saturday. I really enjoyed making those cushions as I too love the primitive style. Look forward to seeing you in Frome next month. Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I am thrilled with them. Oh how lovely you will be in Frome ..

      See you then
      Sarah xxx

  4. Replies
    1. My treasure Dawn! .. pleased with my truffling finds!

      Sarah xx

  5. Sounds like a wonderful place to be. Some wonderful vintage items!! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Lora

      Thank you! Yes we have some beautiful vintage fairs! The season has started and so you will be able to see more over the next few months.

      Sarah 🌸

  6. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous finds xxx

    1. Always good hunting ground.. ❤️ The VB.