Monday 30 January 2017

With needle & thread .....

Sew ... a needle pulling thread!

A fresh, although cold and wet, start of the week and I start as I mean to go on.  I did get into my sewing room to sort some fabrics out over the weekend and some new work baskets as well so I am
even more keen to get on with my 2017 projects .... I am nearly done with catch up January, which is good as it is nearly February already!!

I am actually enjoying my cold weather by the fireside
sew-a-thon!  It certainly get things done when you do not actually go out in the work day.  I have been setting myself times when that is all I do .. stitch and to be very honest with you in this very cold weather I am glad and happy to be doing that.

Sorting through pretty buttons and threads for my project baskets that I am making up to begin my new 2017 designs has been such fun.  As you know I love going through my antique fabrics, buttons and hand dyed threads along with all the vintage goodies I have been collecting of late, if you love sewing you will understand what I am saying about just loving looking and touching all the beauty and history contained within each item.
 To be able to bring new leases of life into pre-loved items is wonderful and with the gorgeous way that fabric gently fades over the decades and becomes softer and more beautiful.

Ribbons on reels lined up like little soldiers on a shelf in my stitchery room, waiting patiently for their turn to be used and once again admired ... I could while away hours going through my huge stash of goodies, and I often do!

I found a few vintage carved mother of pearl buttons that I had not yet washed and dried so I had a
mini break and did that as well so they were ready for use at some point.  I have a steadily growing collection and could easily spend a day going through them all .... sigh.

One of the things I love doing when searching about for items to put into a project basket is grouping fabrics together so that I can see how they blend and look, faded floral's, ticking and paisley's I really can not choose between them.

It is difficult to choose sometimes and as I have often said to you all let your work speak for its self so put a few bits together on a table and look at it, go back later and add or take away and keep doing it until you are truly happy with your choices.  Then you can look at your design notes and make sure you are pleased with your planning.  I often know what colour theme I would like by what I have designed but with the so many choices at had it is hard sometimes to choose .. or indeed what you thought would look great maybe will not look like you had hoped or
imagined so it is great to have a little play and get it right for you.

I always stitch on the buttons last when everything else is done because it has been known that I thought that a button would look good just there and it does not... so my very last thing to finish is the button sewing and then I know I am done.

Well that is it for this Monday and I hope that you all have a great day whatever you are up to.  Keep warm and dry and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I love vintage buttons. Buttons just finish things off, even in knitting, the final flourish of the special buttons make all the difference.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Great minds think alike. Not that mines great but Ot does think along the same lines as yours haha.
    Super blog post.
    Lynn x

  3. Thank you Lynn! I am pleased you enjoyed the read.
    Yes let's go with the great minds thing! I like the sound of that! ��

  4. Sarah you are such a your work...xo

    1. Thank you Diane ... so are you!
      Hope you are well and hope my favourite Boston is too.
      Sarah xxx