Monday 16 January 2017

Antique quilt pieces ... with a my own touch.

***Quilts hold love 
in every stitch!***

Well finally I have had some time to do some serious stitchery over the last week.  It has been wonderful sat all cosy in a chair with a fire crackling and me stitching waiting for the snow that never really arrived for us. but that said sewing and waiting has been fun. Hot chocolate ready to make after going out for a walk in the snow, that didn't happen ( had some anyway! as made the Jamie Oliver recipe and its scrummy with a little cinnamon sprinkled in!) Its a dry mixture you make and when you add it to milk in a pan on the stove it goes thick and shiny and tastes divine, not fattening at all!!!

I showed you some of the American antique quilt squares that I bought last year and I have now made my mark on them and  they are ready for the framer! ish!

I have done three and I am really pleased with the outcome.  I have chosen stunning carved antique mother of pearl buttons that sort of go with the sayings as well,
here with the word love in it I have used a heart button.

Then I did the stars one and yes I know 'without' is one word but I made a space because otherwise it did not look right with a gap at the end of the line so I spaced it out! ... I have changed the dictionary!!!

I have four of these star buttons and have used two and am still not sure if I need to make the one on the right even higher than it is because stars are not in neat rows...

Then the final one of this trio is this one has a gorgeous bird antique carved mother of pearl button and it is a dove so with the word comfort in the quilt saying I felt this one was the most appropriate of the buttons that I have in my collection right now.

I feel now not only have the quilt pieces been given a new lease of life and will be on show but the buttons will be as well and not in a drawer never seeing day light and being admired ...  I will be going to my framer on Wednesday and discuss the frame requirements .. I am thinking I would like it distressed...

In addition I  am thinking of adding a few other stitches to them as well but want to look at them again today and see.  If I do then of course you will see after they have been framed but it is looking likely that there will be a little add to them all.  I hate unpicking so I decided to stop here and just have a breather and and take a fresh look at them tomorrow.

Next on my list to finish my Christmas sampler I had started and not finished because of other work commitments for magazine and commission work.... The hand embroidery is finished but I can not decide on the words just yet so actually there is some more hand stitching to do but  I want to be sure on the words I use as they will go across the house in way.  My design is based on the old school house quilt pattern and so there are gaps if you see what I mean, so it has to be correct.  That is my work to do first today ..... decide what to write and then stitch it!
I like a saying but it may be too long and so that has to planned correctly ... decisions decisions!

I have had another idea as well and am keen to start some new designs but January is about finishing all that has been started month!

Having had some ideas that I really am pleased with, my design journal is getting more pages filled and as you know Wednesday is my design day ( at least for a while) and then its blissful stitching time in front of the fire with fairy lights and candles everywhere on these cold darker days of January.

I am making a beef bourguignon for tonight's meal in a bowl by the fire.  A glass of red wine with it will more than likely be in order as well, then my husband and I can chat about our day .....

I have to show you  my calendar for 2017 full of gorgeous sayings and water colour paintings by Susan Branch, I am a huge fan of hers and I am loving this daily dose of inspiration and beauty, it makes me smile.  There are recipes too and it is so me....

Well that is it for today I hope you have a good day and keep warm in this really bitterly cold weather and of course Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sarah, they are gorgeous and I love all the thought and care you give them. You definitely practice living mindfully, something I hope to do soon. I hadn't heard of Susan Branch but I'm going to look her up as her work looks great. I don't think you need to worry about with out being separate, it just makes it more charming and homespun. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thank you! .. I am pleased with them. I love being different..
      Susan Branch is fabulous and inspirational with Homespun thrown in! ...
      I am loving getting my projects finished...
      keep warm and cosy!
      Sarah xxx

  2. Sarah, these are all delightful, but I do simply love the third one with the dove - the colours are so muted and do give the impression of sky - as a quilter, the saying resonates with me. Hmm, we waited and waited and go no snow either!! Love, Mo xx

  3. Your patches look wonderful, as does that calendar

    Julie xxxxxxxx