Thursday 26 January 2017

Hand stitchery and design ......

Cold frosty mornings
Cosy chair and throw
Open fire blazing and
Stitching away happily ...

The above has been my last week or so and to add to the cosiness of it all we have had thick thick fog as well and I have not been venturing out it it so just creating in the warmth and the the quiet.  There has been less cars going along and it has been a snow like silence all around.  

Its been productive and I have only two more projects to finish completely and then I can open my
design journal and start a glorious new project that I have been designing!!  There are lots of little french knots to be done over the next week and I am leaving them to last to be able to enjoy myself thoroughly.  My Mum has been staying with my sister so I have had no distractions what so ever ..

I have lots of ideas jumping around my head right now about future designs and I am going to get down and really have a good design day.  I have a friend coming to stay for a few days next week again but the joy is he likes to read so we can sit by the fire and quietly do our own thing and have coffee breaks and chats so I get about four hours stitching basically but having gone great guns to catch up I am really getting on top of it all.

In my first of my latest designs which an old song that has inspired me to design and stitch this piece, I am wanting to incorporate some of this gorgeous grey fine lace that has been hand embroidered and so I am still thinking about what to do with it.  You may remember that I actually bought it back in the Summer last year off of Caroline Zoob at a Love Lane Vintage fair..... It has been patiently waiting for its turn to be used in a picture .....   It is so fine to the touch and so beautiful, really not sure if the photo does it justice at all and I have quite a big length of it.

In addition I want to use some cross stitch in another new design I have been sketching and playing with but I am happily finishing off all other projects first, it is like clearing cob webs from your mind and starting a fresh .... Highly recommended ....

We had some sun yesterday and it was easier to stitch some light colour details but it looks like the fog has lifted and the it is now very cold rain .... Miss Muddy beak will be pleased as she can scratch around for worms again.  I have been feeding the birds and squirrel and also remembering to break thick ice on the bird bath for then to drink.  They love the rain.  It is still in single figures here by day and still cold but lighting the fire and candles and stitching I am happy, content and cosy ...

I am going to sort out my stitching room over the weekend as I would like to get more organised on
colours ... fabrics really and make sure I can find my inspiration packs as well.  Then I am going to make up two new design baskets ready for the off, it is always exciting and does not seem like work at all to me ....
Trying to get blues, reds, creams and greens all in their own little compartments to make it easier when making up work baskets.

The other day I sorted all my needles out and my vintage cottons as well so it is easy to get the correct ones for my new designs ... A little bit of tiding and it is easier to find what I am looking for ...

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. It must be that time of year. I have lots of things jumping in my head too. My brain is working faster than my fingers!

    Julie xxx

    1. I am so pleased to be in good company Julie! 😁😁 xxxx