Friday 17 July 2015

Update on Homespuns Banner project .....

As you know I had a slight difficulty with this project this week as the fabric that I started it on was not big enough it turned out.

I had found three bits of vintage linen with white work on it and there was an oval in the middle in which to embellish .... this turned out to not be the best choice for what I had in mind and indeed sketched in my project book.

I had to change tack and did not know quiet what to do so had a ponder over last weekend when I should have been stitching!

It so happened that the answer came to me on Sunday when my husband and I stumbled upon a vintage market in Christchurch, Dorset.  This market was not well advertised at all which I hope we can put right but however we saw it going on and parked and walked around.  Who should I find with a gazebo on not such a wonderful weather day but the lovely Jenny from Tilly D!!  There she was with lots of beautiful and stunning vintage fabrics and laces and goodies of all descriptions and I saw it .... The most beautiful piece of of vintage quilt with squiggle work on it.  I thought this is it, this can be the canvas of my banner and I can cut a piece of vintage linen out which will sit in the middle of it with my designed stitched and appliqued on - its an option at least.  There is another piece of vintage linen that is in the running so we shall see, the one thing I know for sure is the design so it is decision time today... Oh and there were some beautiful vintage laces of over three meters each wrapped around some bobbins and they came home with me too! It was the right size for my design and a beautiful backdrop to boot!

So I have been gathering and making bits for it.  There will be a little bit of English paper piecing and some applique, embroidery, buttons and yo yo's ....
The H and the S of Homespun Stitchworks will be appliqued and the rest of the letters will be
embroidered.  There will be some stitching sayings I think as well.

I have started on the paper piecing and am happy with that take a look.  I put a picture of two normal pins and one applique pin together so that you can see what I mean about the size of them and why they are a must in your work box. ( see yesterdays blog on applique)

I have found a piece of beautiful French linen on which to applique and stitch and I have cut that to size if it is needed.  The first thing after cutting out the patchwork flower is to cut the applique letters I need so I have been searching for the right fabric to blend with this array of faded and stunning fabrics.

That will be the first thing that will be stitched on to the linen with the embroidery as well, this will
give me an idea of space and layout from there on in.  I want to add some antique yo yo's with beautiful carved vintage mother of pearl buttons.

I have had a wonderful time gathering all the beautiful things to make it with and now is the time to get to work ( well I have been so now I can get stitching and show you the banner soon)

I am loving doing the English paper piecing and think I will have to do more of this work as I have really enjoyed doing the one flower shape from tiny hexagons.  Have a closer look at the fabric I chose for it.  Isn't is stunning! one of the pieces looks like angel wings!

I have chosen the thread for the Homespun Stitchworks letters that I need to embroider and then I will go about applying everything I would like on there for information and beauty...

So anyway I am off to fetch the banner and hope to break the back of this now after the aborted first attempt.  Do not forget that it is stitch of the week day tomorrow and this is a great effect stitch and not to be missed.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend .... Happy Stitching!

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