Thursday 9 July 2015

Needle, threads, linens, buttons and gorgeous vintage fabrics!

Talent and individual expression are not qualities that just others
possess. You have it too and all of you have a capacity for creativity in your 
stitching .. let yours happen and realise there are no boundaries
to your unique expression...


Working away on all my designs that I am doing for publication at the moment has been made even better with this wonderful weather we have been experiencing.  It means that I can stitch in the garden at the table underneath a huge umbrella with a drink and listening to the birds...

The garden is in full bloom right now and the air is filled with wonderful scents from the lavenders and sweet peas and roses that are in bloom.  The hanging baskets are all full and the honey bees are busy collecting pollen around me, it makes me smile as I stitch.
I have bought some beautiful fabrics lately and will be using some in my new designs.  Sitting stitching on some beautiful French linen is such a pleasure.  I love it as a canvass and embroidery looks so great with the beauty of this fabric as a back drop.

Birds, butterfly's, bees and flowers have been a huge influence for me this year along with the seashore as well.  I have enjoyed days out sketching with my pencils and also wandering along country lanes to take photos of wild flowers in the hedgerows.

I have bought some wonderful duck egg vintage cotton which is machine cotton, except you can use it in delicate hand stitching and it really is beautiful and I am going to use some in a flower border I think, as the colour is so stunning....

I also bought some more of the thread spools as you know, at Petworth so I am doing some designing for those this week at some point.

The Summer is happily going along and I am happy in my work.  I am also going to be very busy making inspiration packs this week for the Vintage Bazaar in October.... I have to get on with them as I am going to America in October again and when I get back ( and with jet lag, which I do suffer from on the return journey) I want to be very organised because I will only have a few days before the show at that point.  I will tell you more about all that later on but for now you all take care and I am off to settle to my delicious stitching and designing in the garden .....

Happy Stitching!

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