Friday 10 July 2015

Designing Homespuns banner ......

My job ranges from designing the overall theme, collating the
textiles, buttons and threads and then putting it
all together and making it pleasing to the eye!

Sarah Hawkings ...

Over the next few days I am taking time out of a very busy schedule to design and make a small banner for Homespun Stitchworks, something I can take with me along the way.  As I am having a stall at The Vintage Bazaar in October I think it would be lovely to have it hung up so people know it is me ....

I have been sketching for hours literally over the last few evenings and thinking about what I would like and now it is time to get down to the collating of all the fabrics, buttons, threads and ribbons that will go into to this banner to make it eye catching and noticeable.

I have found a beautiful piece of linen in my storage boxes and have washed and pressed it ready for me to draw on the words.....  So I have been sorting through my cave of stock ( stitching room that sometimes feels like Mary Poppin's Bag)  and seeing what I have that would look good.  I found a
long length of lace ribbon that looks like paisley in its design and you can cut it into squares so some of that will have to feature ... don't you think?

It is so pretty and so me.  Paisley is really my favourite fabric and can be very ornate with roses as well.  I love tiny prints for my work for several reasons but the main one has to be that when you cut out small bits for applique work you can still see the pattern of the fabric and not just a blur of colour..... although I would like people to see the shape and design of what I have cut out and stitched on, I personally think it is important to see the detail too.

I have been sorting through fabrics as well and have come up with a small bundle of candidates that may feature .... This has been a great, huge job.  When sorting through I put into a pile maybes and guess what, well it will not surprise you all, but there were a pile of 48 of them... so it is whittle it down time as I do not need that many!

I made myself laugh over this.... But honestly ladies and gents how do you choose from such beautiful vintage fabrics as to which ones will feature, it is going to be impossible!

Then it was the jar of vintage ribbons on reels and pegs and this was not such a hard job because I knew what colours I had visualised but still they all had to be looked at.  Yesterday evening was well spent really, as my poor husband was trying to get home from London with the tube strikes and a fun

run going on, which held up the roads, and ended walking miles.  He said to me, when he walked in at 10pm that he had blisters on blisters!!  But I had been knee deep in beautiful fabrics and vintage goodies and was totally happy in my endeavours!

I haven't even been to the button drawers yet! oops so anyway that is my day sorted on the stitching front and possibly I will have to finish it next week as today I have an appointment this afternoon as well so it will not be finished.

Do not forget it is stitch of the week tomorrow brought to you by the lovely Mary Corbet so please return to take a look at this one.  I think in the next few weeks this series will be over :(

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun shine that is forecast and as always Happy Stitching!  I will show you the progress next week of the banner and hope that I get some time over the weekend to do some sneaky stitching.....

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