Thursday 14 August 2014

Sneaky peek at the Pretty Nostalgic banner

Morning all

Well the battle against time continues.  I am getting there and with this cooler weather this week there are less distractions with watering the garden and of course hand stitching linen is a lot easier with less heat and warm hands....

The banner has to be ready soon and then I have to clamber to get ready two other pieces as well.

I am off to New England in October and can not wait, but need to get lots done before then

I have a Autumn sampler that really must get finished before I go and to the framers.

The Goodwood festival of speed is the second week of September and time just fly's by.......

If you are going at all go and find the Pretty Nostalgic stand and you will be able to see the banner when it is at their stand, I say this because it is going to be carried around as well.  Pretty Nostalgic is a wonderful magazine/book and such a wonderful read.  Lots of great ideas with a make do and mend ethos as well.

Anyway I am off to my stitching....... Have a great day!

What do you think of the lovely fabrics I have used.
All hand stitched in running stitch with hand dyed shaker threads!

It will be a rustic kind of vintage banner.......