Thursday 22 February 2018

Timeworn but loved

Timeworn, preloved, treasured,
saved and to be used once more!


The thing about timeworn fabric is well just that it is slightly worn and faded but it so soft and delicate to the touch.  The weave of a hundred years ago is so different to the new fabrics of today and the colours are just stunning!

The piece of fabric you can see on the left is of gorgeous sweet peas and the colours are amazing.  It is a fairly large piece and is earmarked to make a cushion for one of our Lloyd Loom chairs for the garden.  The reason it is not been made is because we have not moved yet and have no room in our shed for eight Lloyd Looms so at the moment it is tucked away happily and wrapped in acid free tissue paper awaiting its time to be made into a cushion for the garden that we do not have just yet.  As I have had a few delicious days where I have been able to afford myself the time to sort through my sewing room cupboards of vintage beauty ( fabrics) I got it out and looked at it and thought a photo was in order.

The last few days have been wonderful and I have enjoyed myself way to much.  No running about in the car and I have been able to catch up a little with getting things sorted here, which does me the world of good I can tell you.

Once more the calm and the tidy presides over my sewing room and I can see out of the shining and sparkling window.  Although when I was walking along the sill I could see birds in our Elderflower tree looking startled.  I thought they were saying ' oh she isn't going to try and launch herself into a flight is she..... think she is spending to much time with us and not humans!!

I now have an addition to my shelf in my sewing room and when the tea lights are on ( the false ones)
it looks so pretty.  When it is dark outside and they are on and the star fairy lights and I am catching up with emails it makes me feel cosy and happy.

These primitive houses are so beautiful, there is the cream one in the middle and then a dark red and a green one.  Sorry the light was fading but it was the only way to take the photo so you could see them twinkle!

Having some beautiful things around in my sewing room inspires me and makes it such a wonderful place to spend my days being I am in here normally when it is still dark and all day until it is dark again once more.

We have sun today but it is only single figures out there only 6 degrees and once more my hot water bottle is my best buddy until I step out later to have a visit with my Mum.  Next week is her Birthday and it is on the Friday so we are going to have a little party for her.  She loves cake so she should enjoy herself .. if she stays awake long enough.

I must tell you, although I do not normally do this I had a little peek at my drying flowers, only the snow drops and they are so beautiful... coming along so nicely and I can not wait to use them in a mixed media piece.  I do not look at the rose hips as they were very plump when the went in to be pressed so I think that I will not dare peek for another month at least.    Later on in the year we get
lots of pretty violets pop up in our front lawn.  It is the strangest thing as they were not there until a few years ago and it was after a neighbour died here in our road called Violet who was married to George.  Both sadly gone now.  The day of her funeral there were all these violets in our front lawn and they continue every year since.   As we have to cut our lawn I always pick them first and bring them inside into a little jug.  This year though I think some will be pressed and saved.  I hope now I have said this they do come up again this year.!

This morning I noticed lots of beautiful buds on our pear tree and soon it will be in full blossom and I get out there with my little paintbrush and do a little cross pollinating to help our bees.  Last year the tree was bent under the strain of how many huge pears where on the branches so this year I think I will be not quiet so enthusiastic .... Again I think I will pick some and press them.  I am thinking about getting a little flower press as well as my book could not take all these pressings at once!  Little Women would burst at it seams!

This morning though I am getting on with some slow stitches and waiting to hear from my printer.  I should get a phone call by tomorrow and then my slow and peaceful week will be over and it will be all go again for a while.  At least I will have caught up a little with other things and can devote my time to making up kits.  They have to be just so in my eyes and I have been thinking about every little detail .. TWICE!  I want the whole kit from outside to in, to be eye candy....  When they drop through the letter boxes I want them to look special and beautiful and for the purchaser to feel like it is a parcel on their Birthday.

I am going to enjoy my week of pottering and I have achieved an awful lot of what I set out to do at
the beginning of this week, I can not believe the weekend is nearly upon us already, where do the days go?

The diary is getting full with vintage fair dates and I am happily popping them on the house calendar as well as my work diary.  I can not wait now for the warm weather and the marquee;'s filled with hygge of it I am getting ready now for the lazy hazy days of Summer when our bumble bees and butterflies are floating around and the air is filled with the gorgeous scent of roses and honeysuckle.
beautiful vintage goodies.  Mingling with like minded people and catching up with dear friends. This winter has seemed very long and although I adore the hibernation and the

Well that is it for today as I am keen to get some slow stitches in this morning.  Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Gorgeous fabric Sarah. I do love Violets and how strange that they should begin to grow after losing your neighbour called Violet.
    Your plans for the packs sound lovely. I used to like sending parcels that were tied up with string, brown paper and sealing wax but I don't think the Royal Mail would appreciate it these days! Xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Well I am afraid they are going to get some! I checked there sales part in P.O. and they still sell brown paper with string so I am going to give it a go! ...
      I am all about functional as long as it’s pretty!!

      I know it was so strange about the violets .. I am hoping they will appear this year too as going to press them.

      Have a great day.

      Sarah xx

  2. Oh wow! a lawn of pretty violets. I love violets.

    Let me know if you are coming this way for fairs at Lizzie's

    Julie xxxx

    1. Hi Julie.
      We will be at VB at Devizes in March.
      I love our lawn of violets . Fingers crossed it happens again this year!
      Sarah xxxxxx

  3. Good morning...still snow here in central New York state but I can picture your life and movements. Sew special and vintage.

    Love the fabrics and your plans. Spring is coming. 🐣🐀πŸ₯🌼🌷⚘🌱🐞

    1. Hello Lora!
      Oh I would love snow ! .. lucky you!
      Thank you loving sorting kits right now and flier pressing!
      Kits won’t be long now.
      Spring is on its way.. I hope!
      Sarah xx

  4. You really sound as though you've had a great week. Brown paper packages tied up with string are certainly amongst mt favourite things! I am looking forward to getting o some fairs too. Won't be until later as we are away in March, but cannot wait. Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo
      Yes had a great week of sewing, foraging and general calm! ( before the storm!)
      Vintage fair season .. it’s starting! Yipeeee!

      See you later in the year .. lots of fairs coming up.

      Take Care
      Sarah xxx