Monday 12 February 2018

Coming soon little slow stitch kits .....

The greatest achievement was at first and for a 
time a dream.  The oak sleeps in the acorn, the
bird waits in the egg and the highest vision of the
soul and waking angel stirs.  Dreams are
 the seedlings of realities.

James Allen.

Refreshed from my few days with our friend from Devon, the fun and laughter rang through our cosy home.  The fire was lit every day and the candle flames danced to the sound of our laughter. 
Laughter they say is good for your soul, and I believe that so much. 

Well I did not pick up a needle but did give a little embroidery lesson which was fun it was French knots and split stitch for panels for a quilt.  All done in red work and was thoroughly enjoyed.

Now I can can here you say well what did you do because you know I can not just sit idly all day.  In the evenings when the light had gone and the sewing had stopped and I had to stop too ( more about what I did in a moment) sipping our wine by the fire waiting for my husband to get in from work and the smell of one pot meals in the range wafting through we were happy just to chat.  In the day whilst sewing was being done I was designing for the kits that I will be producing and I am happy to say I have produced four to go to the printers.   All I need to do do is to write out clear instructions now and wait for the printer to do his thing and then it is a case of putting the beautiful boxes together.
Not long now to wait .....  

Thank you to those of you who did  the survey on FB for me and that helped me in my designs and the design of the actual box that it will come through your door in. I have taken great pleasure in drawing the designs and getting them ready for the printer.  They will be made to iron on to the piece of vintage French  linen that will be included in the box.  The general feeling of those who took part in the survey was they would prefer to use there own threads and then it uses the ones you already have  instead and also gives each slow stitcher some creativity to choose for themselves.

The saying at the top of this page gave me a nudge in the right direction and believe that I could
produce some designs for people to stitch and to make the kits up myself and I want a certain look to them and for them to be pretty and unique.  It has taken a bit of work and with other commitments as well it seemed ambitious to begin with but I have had encouragement and such lovely emails and messages from you that it helped me achieve it and enjoy the process.

Well on Saturday we got up early and headed to the Spring pop-up textile and costume sale in Lydeard St Lawrence.  This was organised and put together by Lizzie and Jack of Washerwoman fame.  We then headed to our friends cottage in Devon which was about 50 minutes away and had dinner and stayed over there for the night so it was a lovely end to a wonderful week.  More about the fair tomorrow....  It was a wonderful event and was lovely to see some great friends there as well.  With this flu bug and being ill over all of December and into the New Year we did not see any friends and all the things that we had planned we had to cancel.  I was so pleased to get out and see my dear vintage friends and chat with like minded people.  

The weather is absolutely bitter here along the Dorset coast and I am happy being in most of the day and working.  I would like to get some stitching done this week but it is going to be mostly about producing these kits.  I will have to start stitching some of the designs too.  But I am going to wait for the iron on ones to come back to me as I have to test them out for you guys first before sending them out to their new homes. If you haven't already then leave a comment on here or email me if you are interested in the slow stitching kits and also the boxes of inspiration packs.  They will be  filled with some stunning pieces of fabrics and they are pot luck .... there will be some paisley and eiderdown fabrics in them and some mother of pearl buttons too. ...

In the kits there will be buttons as well if they are in the design and they are all antique mother of pearl ones.  All fabrics in inspiration packs are antique as well and I will be doing a slow stitch kit that partly embroidery and partly fabric to lay on and stitch around.  

Well with so much to do that is it for today and I will be back here tomorrow.  Until then keep warm and Happy Stitching! XX

The optimist is a man who plants two
acorns and buys a hammock.

Jean DeLattrede Tassingny.


  1. Your kits sound fun. Slow stitching is wonderful to relax with. I am currently doing a monthly patchwork kit, but I have a BIG problem, I find it very difficult to cut the pretty fabrics which I know are meant to be cut!

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      Oh I know .. I honestly shake sometimes! ..
      I always keep a little of every fabric though .. as a reminder ..

      Sarah xxxx

  2. I would be interested in your kits.

    1. Thank you Diane ... they will be advertised on here and IG along with my business Facebook page. Which is homespun stitchworks. They will be ready soon,... watch this space!
      Sarah x

  3. Glad you had a nice week. Sounds like you'll be having fun putting the packs together. I know they will look beautiful xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn! Yes had a lovely week.
      The slow stitching kits are great had fun designing, putting together is a lot of hard work but hopefully it’s worth it. Having fun with gorgeous fabric inspiration boxes !
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Sarah xx

  4. so lovely to see you both on Saturday, and thank you once again for the amazing picnic xxx

    1. Lovely to see you Liz and Jack and you are welcome! It was a great event loved it. Had a great weekend.🧡

  5. Hi Sarah, lovely to have you back and so glad you had a lovely relaxing and fun filled time with your chum. I cannot wait for your stitching packs - I just know they will be fabulous and well worth the wait. Mo xxxx

    1. Morning Mo
      Thank you had a lovely week and weekend. Re the kits I hope people like them! It’s scary!
      Anyway they are coming along .. first series at printers along with another design.
      In addition I am doing gorgeous vintage fabric inspiration boxes too..
      eek! .. wish me luck.
      Hope you and Jimmy are well. Keeping warm in the snow!

      Sarah xxxx