Tuesday 20 February 2018

Cosy creative February days ......

Happiness in foraging, creating,
stitching and sketching.


Yesterday I had a glorious care free day, I decided whilst the sun was out in our back garden that the first thing I would do was to go out there and have a little forage around our garden every little path way had little puddles where it has been very bad and stormy weather in this last week.

Moving plants around and taking a good look at what might be interesting and suitable to press I was in my element except suspiciously on the look out for my arch enemies The Arachnid Gang! yes dear reader I was happily armed with a little basket lined with kitchen towel and happily investigating when it occurred to me they were out there too.... So I was very careful, think it is too cold actually because for once I did not see one but did jump a few times as I thought things were them! honestly what am I like.

Still I had a lovely time out there in between the drizzle, watched by some birds and Squire Squirrel who probably was wondering if I was after his buried stash of peanuts that he insists on keeping busy with.  Little holes in the lawn where he has dug them up and moved them on ... he makes me laugh.
I managed to get some rather lovely rose hips from my rose bush and they are now being dried.  There were a few daises strangely enough so they came along but also I picked out some beautiful flowers from my bouquet of flowers that I had from my husband for Valentines as there were some small white flowers that I thought were gorgeous and I must look them up to see what they are, or does anyone know please.

Spring is in full force in our garden and soon enough it will be Summer and everything will burst into
life and I will be able to press some more bits for later projects.  I am loving the mixed media of  old papers, dried pressed flowers, slow stitching and fabrics or in some cases ink and quill......

When I was looking for quotes yesterday as I lost the light for stitching I decided to look at Lord Byron, who along with Oscar Wilde and Percy Shelley are my favourites I came across this wonderful quote from Byron.

A woman should never be seen eating or drinking
 unless its Lobster salad with champagne!

I thought it was very civilised indeed!  It made me actually laugh out loud and when I told my husband he said ' no wonder he is your kind of guy'  ....

In addition, yesterday saw some long needed housework done along with some slow stitching! how happy was I.  Today it is much of the same thing here and I am happily pottering around the house and enjoying the calm before the storm.

Today see's me tackling some tidying and cleaning in my sewing room and the window cleaner has been in the last few days so I am going to clean the last of the windows inside, yes the large sewing room one.

The last few months have not seen the poor owl around here crash into the large window.  Yes I know
it has happened because the outline has been on it when the sun shined!  We have never heard it with our bedroom being at the front of the house but I keep thinking when I see it that ' that must of hurt' poor thing.  I think its because of time fairy lights on the sill so I have stopped doing that and just pop them on and off when I am in here.

Fully prepared today to get to grips with my sewing room and I actually in enjoy tiding it and sorting. I can not do much about the corner where all the flat packed boxes for kits are and with lots boxes made up in little stacks but that is a temporary thing and I have to get another big box for them then it is easy to move about and get some out to make up with the interest that has been shown I am hoping lots of them will be flying out of the door in the next few weeks.

Later today when the evening darkness sets in I am going to sit and sketch as I have some designs to be getting ready for later in the year and they will have to be stitched as well.  So as you can see my enforced house bound few days are busy but really delightful.  I am getting things done and enjoying the freedom to potter.

So for today that is from me and I will be back here on Thursday morning.  I hope you have a wonderful day today whatever you are up to.  As always Happy Stitching! XX

Delicious vintage fabrics piled high, quilt pieces made into hearts with all the history and soul that is in these preloved threads and weave .... makes my soul sing!

Delicious vintage fabrics piled high, quilt pieces made into hearts with all the history and soul that is in these threads and weave .... makes my soul sing!


  1. We have holes in our garden too, Cyril Squirrel in our case! We had a glorious day yesterday and I think today will be the same, so into the garden for a bit to rid it of the perils of Welsh Leek which is not a native of Britain yet it seems to thrive in my garden!

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie!

      We have sun now too! Started very bleak.
      I am a fair weather gardener and when I say gardener it’s parttime as we have a gardner now once a week to help. Both of us are so busy something had to give.
      What he can do in 2 hours would take me 5!!! .. I am always on the look out for arichnids ! It’s a slow careful process!!! Lol

      Enjoy your day .

      Sarah xxxxxx