Monday 26 February 2018

Miss Muddy Beak and slow stitching!

Drawing makes you look at the world
 more closely.  It helps you to see
 what you're looking at more clearly.

I am hoping you all have your warm drink and are cuddled up cosy and warm whilst reading this because baby it's cold outside!  This week seems Arctic to me and we are have minus nine and ten outside at night.  I do worry for our little birds out there because being near the sea we are normally milder weather here thus why we do not see much of the white stuff!  although it is forecast here this week.  I keep putting out food and fat blocks along with mealy worms and bacon fat.  This morning they had bacon as well.  Its very cold and so the cosy of our home remains and I have not gone into Spring in here as yet.  My hot water bottle is earning its keep and I am pleased to stay in.

It was rather a cold weekend too and my husband had some things to do on his computer so I decided to sketch and thought you know I have never designed anything around Miss Muddy!  So I have designed a mixed media piece but not true to life but it is her outline.  I copied it from photos that I have taken of her last Summer.

I am hoping this week all my printing will be done and I can start making up the slow stitch kits to show you all.  There was a hiccup at the printers with a machine going crazy! and I needed more boxes and they came last week but they were the wrong ones so I had to phone up and they admitted it was their mistake and today a courier is coming to drop off the correct flat packed boxes and pick up the wrong ones .... these things are sent to try us!!

So there is more hand slow stitching going on here and pottering about with nothing happening just
yet.  I cleared myself to start making kits up but as yet I do not have all the components!

I decided out of the blue to start stitching something for us.  I am hoping it will be large enough to be a top cover on the bed not really quilt size.  I however have called it our poets quilt.

I have a panel that is from a gorgeous French linen sheet and the monogram is a S and A so that is the middle of it.  Then I am embroidering quotes or parts of poems from my favourites - Byron, Shelley, Wilde and Keats.  They are love poems mostly and about words as well.  There are gorgeous bits of lace attached as well and it is really coming along.  I have cut strips of vintage fabrics to go in between and it more of a crazy quilt as no panel is the same size.

This is some of the fabric that I have cut strips of fabric from and there are other ones as well like this gorgeous paisley old eiderdown fabric and it is all coming together really well.  I think I
will attached it to a vintage cream blanket and hand quilt it and do some stitches and embroidery on other patches ... I am hoping it will be very unique and romantic for our bed as a topper.  Maybe on there during the summer months as the delicate colours that I have chose with gorgeous lace bits will look splendid I think.

It does not have to be huge but just sit in the middle of our bed and will probably be 5ft by 5ft ish.

I have managed to do lots of hand stitching already and have had such fun going through my poetry books to find ones that are personal favourites.

The forecast is for snow here this week from Wednesday so we will see, trying not to get over excited but the camera will be out if does and a snow angel is a must ( even if it is like icing sugar has been sprinkled and it is not deep - I will find a way! )

I have stocked up on fuel for the fires with logs and coal and also bird food for my tame brood outside.  We are ready for it....

Hand stitching by the fire with watching snow fall from the window is a wish that I have had and wanted to come true for some time and I think it might happen.  It is still minus degrees outside as I write this and it only set to be 2 degrees high today but will feel colder in the wind chill. 

I have plenty to keep me busy today and I am hoping to get making boxes later today and picking up the iron on transfers of my design by Thursday ....

I also still have some work to do on my large needle case if you remember from last year and I am adding all sorts to it.  This week I would like it finished so that I can photograph it for you all to see.

Well that is it for this cold Monday morning so keep warm if you are in the winter months like we are and maybe if you are in warmer climates sipping a cool drink then have a lovely time basking in the sun!

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Trying to keep warm, I have put the bins out, and now waiting to bring them in, fed the birds in the garden their breakfast, been to the Bay Tree in the garden to pick some leaves for the stew which had been in the oven for an hour or so already and will be finished off and reheated later. Think I'll have that cuppa now!
    Julie xxxx

    1. Morning Julie
      Oh busy bee you! .. stew sounds wonderful! ..
      Awaiting our snow which is set for Wed/Thur .. then I am going out to play in it.
      Stew planned here for then.
      It’s bitterly cold here though.
      Keep warm and have a great day.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. The poem quilt sounds wonderful, very romantic and I am looking forward to seeing the needle case. You're going to be very busy x

    1. Morning Dawn

      Yes I am busy stitching but distracted on snow watch! ..
      Had lots of logs and coal delivered today so will not be cold! That’s for sure.

      Must focus on my stitching or there will be nothing to show!
      Keep warm.
      Sarah xxx