Monday 6 March 2017

With my needle and thread!

I am reminded that every day I have the chance to pick
up a needle and some thread and add to the story. 
To stitch together something beautiful and unique,
 to patch a small scrap of fabric to the story.

Counting myself so lucky that I am able to do what I do every day.   wondering as I do  sometimes if some of the samplers and things that I have stitched over the last few years will stand the test of time
like some of the gorgeous work that we all covet today.  I myself look for red and white samplers and especially the school girl ones, as I marvel at how some 6 years old can have mastered the gentle art so well.  Those tiny hands with a needle and thread producing such outstanding needle work.  Learning the letters and numbers as they stitch and then telling a story with little stitched pictures.

It has been a strange few weeks with my bad bout of flu and bad cold along with issues with Mum but things have settled a little dare I say it out loud, in case it all goes terribly wrong again.  I have some serious work to catch up along with a serious serious time clearing my stitching room ( so serious I said it twice!!)  I have written list after list and now it time to get some clearing and cleaning done and some sewing and creating as well.

We have had some very cold weather lately and lots of rain too.  I am loving the open fires and sewing but I am very much looking forward to spring and maybe some warmer weather, although we have had some strange warm days in February with lots of sun, which helps working on tiny stitches with that kind of natural light.

So today is going to be split with some sewing and the start of the clear up in my sewing room.  I love those clip storage boxes and of course you can see what is inside them at a glance.  I do have some things to sell and to give to charity and that is what is going to be my first port of call going through getting things out that I do not need in my work that I may have bought in error or thought might be good but not so much when I got them home.  This then makes room to put other things away and sort out boxes, drawers and of course the cupboards in the room.  I have emptied the dyson in preparation and the duster is out too.  Everything is coming out, off and generally looked through and put back in some form of order. Things that I have on display are to be cleaned and sorted and it really is going to be a Spring clean like no other...

This can only help with me making up further work baskets and being able to find everything I need
at a drop of a hat as it were. As you know it was the I could not find some photo copier fabric and still can not either so that was the huge trigger to not just put away but to actually take everything out, sort and put back only what is needed.......

I have been filling my design journal and as you know I pop notes in the border so that I can go back to it with the ideas I had with maybe the colour of the fabric or the fabric that I thought might look good or a button maybe.  My idea is when everything is sorted it will be so much easier and quicker to get things out for a project, that is if I do not get myself looking through just for the sake of looking at lots of buttons for half an hour!! it happens believe me.

I am strangely getting to the end of beautiful red and white or cream fabrics and I need to source more ( at least I think so, I may get a surprise who knows!)

I am loving stitching my latest project and enjoy it so much, this one I do not want to end, its so lovely, It is probably how I feel about every project in a way but this one has a special place in my heart somehow.

Anyway I must away and get some of this done so have a wonderful day and I will be back here tomorrow with all the fun of the fair that was the VB at the weekend.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. .........yes there is definitely a book here...... The saga of craft-room! I shall be in mine too having a good sort. I only do about an hour a day so I don't throw/givaway anything I wanted to keep in error.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Good idea Julie! Hour a day!
      Got to get it done ...

  2. Mr Hand Knits has programmed in my Yarn Room refurb for 2 weeks time so I have had to clear my room. Don't tell him but I have packed everything away with the view to de-cluttering when I put everything back in haha. I am amazed at the amount of yarn now piled high in boxes in the garage! Good luck with your spring cleaning!

    1. Thank you! You too.. your secret is safe here!
      Sarah xx