Thursday 2 March 2017

Antique Embroiders Guild books

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies
 The man who never reads lives only one.” 

 George R R Martin

Oh what a week, I can not tell you all.  My hygge day sewing never happened and neither did I get into my sewing room to tidy or sort.  It has been horrendous with my Mum, not so much her but some people that I will refer to as do gooder's and they have done so much harm verbally and upset the
family that it has made me feel so unwell again....   It is not anyone in authority and to try and stop them getting into my mum with out being rude has been impossible, still they come  I would just like to say there is lots for us all to do so if my blogs are a little erratic for a week then do forgive me... I am hoping they will not be but I really do not know what each day will bring right now.

On a brighter note I  have been lucky enough last year to have been offered these five large embroidery books written by the Embroiders Guild.  I was so excited and they are absolutely gorgeous.  They are like having the most knowledgeable of all embroiderers at your finger tips.

They are dated in the 1930's and are very big but I am so pleased to have them.  There is every stitch and every details on how to in them.  There are some beautiful illustrations both black and white and coloured gorgeous pages and there is everything you could possibly want to know within the pages of these wonderful old books.

Part of the reason I would like to get into my sewing room and do some serious sorting is that I do not want the sun to get to these beauties and they need to be on a shelf in the built in cupboard that is in that room.  The have a towel over them right now and I want them stored properly.

There are pages on samplers old ( this is in the 1930's remember so they are talking pre 1900) and
new (1930's) on what and how to stitch.  You have opera bags, one being shown at the top of this blog.  There is a section about shawls, hats and Quakers.  Every stitch you can imagine and so much detail.  I am so lucky to have had first refusal on these beauties.

I adore reading and that means anything really so for me to sit and start on these page by page and learning as much as I possibly can and soak it all up like a sponge I am a happy woman!

Page after page of pure knowledge of stitchery I am in heaven surely.  Right now with how tired I am to sit in bed with a warm drink and reading these is just the thing.....  I have to read everyday even if it is just a page or two before I go to sleep but find myself going a bit earlier so that I can read a chapter at least.

What is amazing in these old books is you always (well mostly anyway) get a present or two.  Owners of these old books often tucked things inside.  In other old books I have found dried flowers and even a love letter which is wonderful ( although I felt a little guilty reading it but could not help myself)  These are no exception.  In one of them I found a embroidery transfer page.

As you can see it was butterflies and gorgeous flowers.  It is dated 1940 so another bit of history in another decade lives in one of the books.

I have found a feather too and have kept that in there.  I am only on the first volume turning each and every page so as I read them all properly who knows what treasures will reveal themselves to me .... Its such a wonderful journey that I am going on and learning all the way.

I can not wait to read the section on the Quakers and their stitching it interests me greatly as do the
Shakers and Amish.  They are all very accomplished in the gentle art and quilting and I am so interested in that sort of thing and their history as well.

The coloured plate pages of embroidery are stunning and I can almost not breathe at some of them.  Studying the embroidery and the stitches it is an incredible journey through the decades and the history of stitchery, with some very clever stitcher's.  I have not had time before now to look at these properly and have only just started to read them so I am enjoying it thoroughly.

I am getting quiet a collection of antique embroidery and stitching books but I have to say these are priceless.  There are the names of the members at that time of the guild who worked putting these books together and a lovely page about the history of the guild at the time of publication.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed a little peak but I will show you more in a few weeks as I go
through the books.

Today is my Mum's Birthday so I am going over for a few hours today with Presents and of course Birthday cakes..... Meeting my Sister there and we are having our own little party.  Unfortunately both husbands are working but we will have a fine time....

I hope to get some stitching done this afternoon and to finally next week get into my bomb site of a sewing room to give it a Spring clean and sort out.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Wow those books are lovely. I collect the Needlewoman which pre-dates the Needlewoman and Needlecraft and like those books are so interesting

    Julie xxxxx

    1. I am thrilled with these Julie and love reading and learning from them ...
      wonderful treasures..

  2. I hope you had a good birthday party with your mum, I know everything is heartbreaking for you right now. Those books are wonderful. I also have lots of old books with hidden treasures. One surprise I wasn't so keen on as it was a very long lock of white hair all curled into a circle. I didn't dwell on it! Like you, I do like finding pressed flowers or ephemera. Sending love xxx Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn
      So good to hear from you! Had lovely day with Mum, a little surreal in parts though.
      I would not have liked hair either... !!!
      Love feathers, flowers, letters, poems etc though..,
      Loving the books very good reading.

      Lots of love