Tuesday 7 March 2017

The magic that is The Vintage Bazaar.

There are magic moments in every
day, we just have to take the
the time to see them.

You did not have to look to far on this particular day The Vintage Bazaar was magical and filled with treasures abound! Filled with eager shoppers as well and a great atmosphere.  In addition dear reader I met a lovely reader of this blog for the first time and who has become a lovely friend.  Mo is from Scotland and she and her husband travelled to Devizes to go to the VB and we met up and had a great chat.  I know that Mo founds lots of treasure because before she left we caught up again.  I think I was so busy catching up with people and taking photos I forgot to shop! Well you will see later in the week that I was beyond restrained and after thought to myself why didn't I pick this or that up, it was pure distraction of catching up with friends and a little tired.....  Or my unconscious decision not to buy lots more when I have so much clearing up to do in my sewing room as it is ...

In no particular order I will show you around the fair, not everyone was photographed I am afraid it is purely impossible with so much going on and people but also some dealers really do not like it so this is a peek through the doors of The Vintage Bazaar at the Corn Exchange in Devizes, I hope you like it.  First person that I saw was Liz of The Washerwoman fame she was just tucked in on the left as you walked into the foyer and as always her stall was beautiful with table lamps all aglow and scrumptious fabrics, buttons, threads and all sorts of gorgeous French goodies on display.  Liz as you know is part of a four part VB team along with her husband Jack.  Always there to greet people and always smiling. We managed a few catch ups throughout the day and it was so lovely to see them both.

Then moving along there was Jane of Kiss the Book and I always linger here as you may have guessed by the name she sells antique books and Ephemera packs from bits of books not any good for purpose but some you can salvage, along with old envelopes and letters in packs too and gorgeous colour plates from books as well.  Jane has a way of setting out her books and it looks beautiful and inviting and really you just want to pull up a cosy chair and stay a while. I haven't seen Jane for months so it was catch up time as well.  The winter break from fairs and the fact we all seem to hibernate after Christmas it just seems we do not get to see one another for months ....

Then a happy surprise as there was Donna of Donna Flower Vintage always smiling. It is such a privilege when you see Donna at a fair for several reasons not only is she a lovely knowledgeable lady but with her having a shop in Barnstaple, Devon as well, she is a very busy person and therefore when she is at the fair with gorgeous fabrics, ribbons, buttons, brooches, quilts, clothes and so much more it is somewhere where you need to linger a while.  Everywhere you look temptation is in your sight and treasures just crying out at you! Catch up and hugs and I was on my way for a while as she was getting very busy as was everyone and there was lots more to see.

Right next door was Clare of Daisy Darling fame and the other part of Team VB along with her husband Mike and her two gorgeous children.  Clare apart from a teacher of art is a milliner and her hats are amazing.  You may remember I bought a gorgeous red one from her several years ago now and it is a winter one.  I would like to get a summer one from her this year and she tells me they will soon be on her work table.  Also there is always some many gorgeous things to buy from Clare along with fabrics, corsages, candles and so much more.

Opposite was the lovely Laura and Phil of Savoy Art Deco Collectables and it is always lovely to see them.  They have some absolute beauties on their stall and I am after some deco photo frames, this is one place I could have kicked myself after because when you see them you need to buy them and I was totally, it seems, in a daze .... As you will see from the photos there are some beauties and I love the glass ones and really need to get myself some ... Laura if you are reading this please remind me next time ....

Then who should I spy but Belinda Sharples ( her business used to be called Ginger and Rose but she has closed that down and is looking for another name so until such time it is just her given name right now) So many lovely treasures everywhere you looked.  Again so far in the clouds, taking photos and talking!! I did not buy anything another sob story!!

So many collectable treasures and I passed by in my own little world...

Anne-Marie of Sky Blue was there with the most beautiful selection of gorgeous I had seen, lots
of brooches, evening bags, stitchery and boudior boxes as well.  Anne-Marie and I have a shared love of not only vintage beauty but pom poms yes you did read it correctly and last year we both could not stop making them... I think we have both calmed down a tad but still.  Well I did buy something from here and it will be on my show and tell later in the week.

Can you see all these beautiful treasures and so beautifully laid out and displayed.

Also at the VB was Sue of Vintage to Victorian and her stand was absolutely buzzing with people because it has so much to look at and purchase from buttons, lace, threads, old tapastry along with quilts, quilt pieces, embroidery skeins and oh so much more.  It was important to have a good look here because Sue is not doing very many fairs this year and is taking what she calls a gap year to do more stitching herself and to really do more in her garden.  So if you are lucky enough to find her at one of her rare appearances then buy up ..... She will be at The West Country Fabric and Textile Weekend in April and I will be giving dates out for April soon.

When I came away from my stitchery coma at Sue's stall I spotted Isobel and she always has some  wonderful stitchery supplies.  Her name and her business is simply Isobel.. along with mother of pearl buttons ( a weakness of mine ..  I know you are are all shouting 'shocker' at the screen now aren't you!?) she has fabric pieces, milliners flowers, linen buttons, threads and so much more.  It is probably once maybe twice a year I get to find Isobel at a show that I am at so I did stop and have a good truffle about ..

Joy of Joy right next to Isobel was the lovely Jenny of Tilly-D fame and a really good friend of mine, we often get together and have a coffee and catch up but what with one thing and another we have not done that since last year late summer and we were saying it is far to long.  Now Jenny has an eye for the most beautiful fabric and has a way of dressing her display that kind of stops people in their tracks .... there were embroidery books, buttons, threads, fabrics and the most beautiful jug along with so much more....  Often people want to buy Jenny's props that she brings along to display from or on or to simple make it all all look scrumptious!  It happened when I was with her!

Again kicking myself at not really looking for myself, I can not believe it.  You see when I am at home and collating all the photos as I was doing yesterday you think, er why on earth did I not pick that up?  I was stunned at my stupidity I can tell you.  Good job there is another VB next month although I do not know who will be there stalling so I may have missed out completely ...

Opposite Jenny was the gorgeous Nicki of Quilterdown fame. Not only was I truly pleased to
see her ( we made plans to escape to London soon!) but she had been busy making beautiful quilts and quilted goods such as bags and other treasures.  I love her quilts that are newly made but from vintage fabrics! it really is a joy.  To stand and gaze at her stunning makes that are from basically all vintage makes my face light up.  I have several of her quilts as you know and they proudly sit on the beds... especially my one made of antique paisley fabrics ....

Then there was the lovely Sue and her husband of Suitably Vintage and there is always some fabrics that jump out at me on this lovely stall.  We see each other a lot on the vintage circuit and we always catch up on the moving saga woe's because you see they have been trying to move as long as I have and have the same difficulties ...  Well I was not disappointed in my little haul from here and managed to have enough about me for actually shopping!


Quilts yes quilts there is was like a beacon shining a stall full of antique quilts (no I was restrained but I do know someone that bought a gorgeous wedding ring pattern one!)
Vintage Pink was in attendance and there was, as you can clearly see some beauties!!

I could not get near enough to photograph them all but you get the idea here.  The wedding ring one I was talking about is on the top row far right in the greens and I can tell you it is all hand stitched as well.  Only I in a daze could walk away from the one with the red check!!!

Finally but as I say not all the stalls were photographed was Susie & Russell Needham who specialise in fabric.  It was a large stand with so many different types of fabrics it was outstanding. There were some quirky ones ( the cow) and some very unusual ones top far right with both the stripes and squares because of the weaving ....

Some fabulous fabrics for upholstery as well....

At this point it was 2pm in the afternoon and we needed to get something to eat so we said our fond farewells and headed out to have a warm meal, which was really good and it was full of people from the VB, it seemed, all around the same time we were getting hungry.

After we had eaten we went for a wander around and came across a shop called The Beehive it has a wonderful selection of vintage furniture, china, old kitchen bits and so much more.  It does have some newer bits in there as well so if you are not familiar with vintage/antiques then ask they are so friendly in there and very honest.  If it is vintage lifestyle rather than actual antique they will tell you.  So if actual antiques is not your thing but you like the thought of something new that looks older this is the shop for you as well.....

It is warm and friendly and situates at 20a The Brittox in Devizes and is worth a visit.  The old furniture is gorgeous and they had some really gorgeous tables and they were large farmhouse size, you can see where I am going with this ... yes our forever home! I can only cross my fingers that people will forget Brexit and get on with moving ... pretty please sell us your old farmhouse ....

And guess what I bought a little something in here as well and it will be in the show and tell later in the week!

In addition I picked up a leaflet about a vintage fair which is on Saturday 12th March at The Corsham School.  It is from 10.30am - 3pm and is in S Block Hall.  The entrance fee is £1.
The Corsham School
The Tynings,
SN13 9DF

So if you love vintage and you live fairly near there is a great event for you to attend this weekend.  This is run by a lovely lady and it would be great to go and have a look and support it. There are quality vintage stands to include homeware, textiles, furniture and a vintage pop up cafe too....

Well that is it for today I hope you enjoyed a peek at the Vintage Bazaar it is a must go to on my calendar and if you did not make it this time do not forget to look out for the next dates .. first one is in April and I will be doing fair dates next week sometime.

I hope you have a wonderful day I will be back here on Thursday so until then Happy Stitching! XX

Photo taken from Tilly-D stall


  1. Looks another great fair.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. It was Julie as always the VB was packed with goodies! Xxxx

  2. A great write-up Sarah. I'm looking forward to visiting fairs as a customer over the next 12 months! I have always loved stalling at Devizes and it will seem strange in November not being in my usual spot but I'll be able to enjoy the fair in a relaxed manner!! Look forward to seeing you in April xx

    1. Thank you Sue, glad you liked it. Looking forward to seeing you in April to get a store of goodies in. It will be lovely to see you through out the year and be able to catch up over a cuppa, hear about your sewing. Xx

  3. Thank you for a beautiful write-up. Lizzie x

    1. My pleasure Lizzie. It was a great event! When people start travelling from Scotland you know you have it right! Mo loved it!
      Sarah xx

  4. Indeed I did Sarah! It was heavenly....died and gone to heaven spring to mind!! Lovely to meet you finally as well. Actually, just reading this and I've remembered a couple of things I meant to go back round for - typical. Just means I have to come back. I bought a gorgeous dark green felt, 1940's hat from the washerwoman - it is excuisite and had a green shamrock style broach on it - just perfect for Goodwood - just need an outfit to go with it now!! The wedding ring quilt - oh my! It is so beautiful and the hand quilting is so neat and consistently stitched. Puts my efforts to shame. I also bought green buttons, fabric, bobbins and pieces of quilt and some lovely little lavender scented rabbits and printed pomanders - a super day. Froze here I come! Mo xxx