Friday 3 March 2017

Creative thoughts!

Creative spaces, lots of ideas
threaded needles and mess!

I am later today with my blog and one of the reasons is I have a cute as a button visitor who I am looking after.  A really great friends Cockapoo named Phoenix and he is an adorable distraction and
we have had cuddles and playing.  He investigated the garden in the rain so it was then rub a dub dub with a towel to dry him and now whilst I am writing this he is curled at my feet sleeping! he will not leave my side.  He has been here for coffees with his mum Suzy and of course he is used to me having a sewing day with her as I did last week, but not used to being left here with me.  He is my
shadow.  I can see I will not be able to get my work space sorted today.  I have started but not very much.  I am hoping for a good day of it next Wednesday and maybe Monday afternoon we will see what those chosen days throw at me!

Yesterday was my Mums Birthday as you know and she shares it with Bon Jovi ( bit of trivia for you!)  Anyway she had a wonderful day and she did make me and my sister laugh ( a little at her expense) she did some strange things and said some strange things but we had a whole day basically with her.  It started with card and present openings and then went to coffee and
Birthday cake.  We sat talking to her and talking old times.  Then out to lunch and shopping trip and she had some more bit
bought for her  and then it was back to hers for coffee and settle her down before we left her later afternoon.

Today I have my stitching basket ready and if this gorgeous  cream and brown ball of gorgeous lets me I will get a few stitches in. If you could see me now, Pheonix has just jumped onto my lap so now I am trying to type over him as well now.  The huge brown eyes looking at me as much as to say, hey stop that I am far more fun, what shall we do now!!!

I have had lots of ideas for my sewing room and started to write them down as to how I am going to tackle it and where I would like things for ease to get at as well as being tidy.  I have my design journal ready as well so that if it is difficult to stitch I can change tack and write down ideas. Itching to finally get my work room tidy and better but thought that doing a list would make me feel like I had made a positive start.

I have my last year projects done and it is now exciting time and I have filled so many pages of ideas and 5 project baskets so I am so eager to get creative.  I have such beautiful fabrics, threads, suffolk puffs, lace and linens and I need to sort through them so that I can create with them for all the projects that I have in mind.

I am hopefully off to the Vintage Bazaar tomorrow and have not even written a little list like I normally do.  I think if I manage to go I will just go round and look and see what beautiful fabrics, buttons and over all treasure takes my eye.......

Well that is it for today I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will report on the VB next week.  I hope to see some of you there, if you do see me say hello.

Have a great few days and Happy Stitching! XX


  1. It certainly is a day for snuggling by the fireside creating with friends, four legged or two it doesn't matter. I'm still knitting for my newest grand-daughter.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. It is one of those days!
      Ooh what are you knitting Julie? ..I saw photo of your newest addition to the family! Too cute! Xxxx

  2. Gosh I hope you got something done? I saw a picture of Phoenix on Fb and he is an adorable distraction indeed! I'm so glad you had a lovely day (to treasure) /with your mum. Good day for sitting sewing...Mo x

    1. Hi Mo
      Nope nothing done really! Everything was a game to him unless snuggled on my lap!!
      But a new week is coming so fingers crossed it's more productive!!! ...
      I live in hope Mo!
      Sarah xxx