Friday 8 November 2013

Teaching stitching

Good morning

Well you all know how I feel about art and sewing........

Years ago children were taught their ABC's with stitching.  They had to master little stitches too.

I believe time should be set aside to continue this. Even in schools where needlework is taught they do not touch on embroidery and making things, instead of just making the cookery apron and being told they will be making a blouse next!!

What about felting and knitting, crochet?  I have spoken to a lot of teenagers who love vintage.  13 to 19 year olds who would love to have the skills to make a granny blanket or a Christmas stocking or know how to applique a picture from vintage fabrics that they would love to hang in their room.

Why do we not offer such skills in schools.  Not everyone is academic and lots of children want to learn skills that they could use at home or for work.  If needlework is offered at school then why not offer clothes making, home furnishings such as cushion covers and a little felt making and embroidery, even if it's only one lesson a week........

I hope the education system will see that it is necessary to incorporate such life skills into children's lives as well as better English and Maths!

She watched and taught the girls that sang at their embroidery frames whilst the great silk flowers grew from their needles!
Louise Jordan Miln
from the Feast of lanterns.

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