Wednesday 13 November 2013


Good morning

Today as you can see from the title I am talking ribbon.  I like proper ribbon made of fabric or silk, I really do not like that sparkly, thin ribbon.  Now I know the first kind is more expensive but the thing is if you are wrapping a gift, it's for someone special to say Happy Birthday or Christmas or indeed for a New little person being welcomed into the world and for me that's special.

My family can tell you that when I buy a gift not only do I think very carefully about what they would like or what their hobby is (it is not about money but about thought) but I like it to look inviting to open as well.  To me its like a meal, if it looks beautiful on the plate you feel it will probably taste good.  In addition to that if something is worth doing it is worth doing well, so I like to wrap my gifts carefully.  Santa of course, when wrapping for stockings, is different but a gift under the tree or that special occasion should look lovely.

With this in mind I like making ribbons from fabric and hand stamping them to sell on my Christmas stalls.  I will be putting other ones on Etsy for New baby and Birthday to name but a few.

Happy Stitching!

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