Wednesday 6 November 2013

My love of designing

Good morning.

I have so much to do and complete and the days are shorter somehow with the dark creeping in a lot earlier.  I know most of you do not want to think of Christmas in June but that has to happen for me.  When I am designing in January when it's very quiet on the order front I do actually enjoy my time.

I love designing for my year ahead.  Christmas stocking designs that I have to think about and stitch one of each for showing.  Also designing for wedding pictures and other creations.

The days seem much longer with the light until 10pm at least.  This time of year I want to burrow down and cosy up.  I love to do my hand stitching by the fire but the light is not always good enough for intricate work and I can not get on with the daylight lamp at all!

Its then I wonder about when it was only candle light and the incredible work produced hundreds of years ago.  Unless you were well off you had to work all day and do your sewing at night by candle.

I have so many ideas jumping about my head after my visit to New England and seeing their fall.  The colours and the inspiration are in my head.  For now because I am busy I am just scribbling notes, so I do not forget and getting my head down on my jobs in hand. 

Some more is being done on the prize giveaway and I hope to upload a few more photos before I keep the rest a secret until it has been framed and the picture can be fully seen.

So my quote today is this........................................................

                                        Don't needle the stitcher!!!

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  1. Hello Sarah
    what a beautiful journal, would make a fantastic present.
    Have a great day, its miserable and wet here and dark too.
    From your biggest fanXXXX