Tuesday 19 November 2013

Little House Sampler ..... New date for draw.

Good morning all

Well it seems some people are having trouble getting to my blog.  My blog has to be categorized in some way.  If people have a family and have tightened the security so that they can not get onto unsuitable sites, then this is where the trouble begins.

We here have been trying for days to sort this out but have thus failed in our attempts.  So with this in mind and having to get my poor husband to find time to get this problem sorted and giving people more time, the blog joining competition will be held in January instead.  Sorry to anyone hoping to be lucky enough to try and win before Christmas!  Also in an email from a lady in Australia she pointed out that posting such a lovely thing at the height of the Christmas rush might not be very wise with so much post that goes missing and is damaged that time of year! and after careful thought I have to agree with her.  I apologise to you all and hope you will understand.

So this in mind the draw for the Little House Sampler will be held in January on the 20th.

This also helps my framer who is so busy at the moment and has announced to me he is retiring!! I nearly had kittens when I was told, he is so good at his job and now I have to trust his replacement. 

I will continue to work on the picture and will put a picture up of the finished article and when the draw has taken place and I send the picture to the winner I hope they will send me a photo so that I may pop that on here too.

At the moment I am sewing the path to the door of the little house...... :))  I would still like it finished on my schedule time so that I know its at the framers. 

I hope today whatever you are doing that you have a wonderful day.


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