Tuesday 12 November 2013

Buttons Buttons Buttons!

Good morning

Today I have to sort through buttons! (It's a dirty job but someone must do it!! :)) ) In my work I only use two types.  Firstly is vintage carved mother of pearl buttons, these are so beautiful and when I say vintage I really mean antique because some are very very old indeed and very rare.  Secondly I use buttons that I have covered in fabric, mostly vintage fabrics and some are from French General fabric, which is a replica of old designs.

I am getting ready for two Christmas markets that I will be attending and I want to take some of my covered buttons to sell.  You can sew them onto a plain cushion to make it look new and different and really you can sew them onto whatever you like.

My mother of pearl buttons are stock, for me to sew onto my work.  Some of them are extremely rare as well and personally I think are a stunning addition to a picture or stocking that I make.  When you buy one of my pictures or stockings you are getting a hundred year span of history or more.  The French linen that I sew my pictures onto at the moment is 110 years old.  It used to be a sheet until I cut it up.  Then you can get buttons that are at least 70 years old or older with the addition of vintage fabric from the twenties through to the fifties or even older.  So although its a new picture, it is in fact already an antique.

I always put a little hand made paper envelope on the back and inside is the provenence of all the materials used, with my signature and a wax seal.

So today is making sure what buttons I have to sell and do I need more!

Happy stitching!

A selection to put onto cards.
Four lovely buttons in 1930 paisley fabric.

Four buttons in vintage 1950 fabric.

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