Wednesday 31 March 2021

Tiny stitches on threads of time.


Every experience is a stitch in the fabric

of your own character.

Gary Clausing.

HOW do you stop looking through and remembering where and when you purchased each piece of delicious fabric or quilt piece when you are simply just looking for one piece in particular? secrets please because I have no will power.  It takes me on a journey back in time and its hard to resist and can literally take hours. The wonderful muted colours of each piece that has been washed and washed over decades and the faded beauty is just so evocative to my minds eye.  I could, if I let myself, do this practically daily and do not get me started on my antique carved mother of pearl button collection!

Spring is firmly in the air and designs and ideas are racing around my head.  Then of course its what fabric pieces would work well ... then well I am undone!

What is really good right now is i can of course go to The Threads of Time Studio and put out

lots of bits for a project on the very large table and I can start stitching.  I can leave it there over night and continue the next day as there are no courses booked yet due to Covid.  I do not need to pack up every late afternoon and leave a needle with thread there waiting patiently until the next day.  On other days I love to curl in my chair inside and stitch but it is such a pleasure to be able to choose.  The other day I was out in the studio busy stitching and the postman came along.  He tapped on the window and said how happy I looked...  and I was.  I can loose myself in beautiful fabrics and threads, slow stitching is a wonderful therapy for me and my soul.  To watch something grow from an idea of a little sketch into something I love is such a wonderous thing to me.

My basket of hand stitching that sits by my chair is getting a little over full and I really must go through it, maybe over the weekend.  It is a mess actually and that is why I mislaid my beautiful Sanjou scissors for a while because there is no organisation to it.  I keep rummaging around for something and it gets more and more muddled.

Sometimes I am so immersed in my sewing I forget to eat and drink properly through the day, which is not good really but that is me in my vintage fabric world.

I seem to start to get hunger pains around slice of homemade cake time .... oops! So I have started putting a little reminder on my phone so I have a proper meal at lunchtime at least.

Like life, slow stitching is a process.  You can't get an "A" in slow stitching any more than you can get and "A" in life.  Just do your best and keep going.

Mark Lipinski.

Also I have been planning my tiny garden in a new journal I have started for plants I love.  Going through on the internet and looking at all times of wild flowers and what I call non formal ones

. Where they might do best, when they come into bloom and the Seasons.  This year is the gardens turn for a little make over.

I had an arch put over the gate and planted a climbing rose last year because I knew that is something I wanted the dear little cottage to have.  It has grown and should look a lot better this Summer.  Apart from a herb garden I planted well not much has been done.  So that is something I am enjoying doing at the moment as well.  When the light is fading or my eyes are tired from tiny stitches I sit and plan how my little cottage garden might look in a few years time.  Get the plants in and they will grow with care and watering.

The  garden must be prepared in the soul or else it will not flourish.

An English Proverb.

The photo of the foxglove is one I took from one of my vintage plant books, I adore foxgloves they are outstanding in their beauty and some how regal in a way.  They belong in the wild and in cottage gardens I do believe so I have been doing my homework on the different colours you can purchase.

I am also stitching a little something with foxgloves at the moment so it makes me even more determined to have some in the garden .. I do have some of the above colour but I would like to

add more with different colours such as cream and white and a light lavender, also I believe you can get a reddish colour too.  I have been looking at planting heights and also seasonal so I am hoping I can make it look pretty good all year round...

It is not a big garden by any shape or form but with some more borders dug and the miniature fruit trees planted out and the borders full of gorgeous wild flowers and some evergreens there will be not much room for too many weeds.

It is Easter this weekend coming so this will be the only blog this week.  A delicious four days lie ahead and I am hoping for some sunny and warm weather which would be fabulous.  I will be back here after Easter Monday and I hope you all have a lovely few days and the weather is good for you, wherever you are in the world.  

I am hoping to go to a garden centre or two to have a wander about.  Mask firmly on but I can take a look at things for the garden, maybe more ideas will jump out at me.   I would also like to fill my herb garden with lots of different things so watch this space.  Not only herbs but also dotted in amongst them so edible flowers for cooking and decoration of cakes etc.

Anyway that is it from me today and my ramblings on.  As always Happy Stitching! and Take Care.

Sarah X

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