Monday 8 March 2021


Buttons are the fossils of the sartorial

world, enduring long past the garments they

were designed  to hold together.


  Hello lovely readers! well it has been a while since I have been on here and it is all about to change for you all.  I will be keeping up with you on here.  Covid has not helped and of course Thimble cottage has been going through some changes.  I have had a conservatory dinning room added here to accommodate the not to distant future. 

With the vaccinations speeding ahead well the Threads of Time Studio will be opening its doors for slow stitch courses.  There will be a meet and greet drink and biscuits in the said dinning room.  Then into the studio for a day of fun and laughter with like minded people.  You will have everything to hand to complete a project and a bottle of water.

A lovely lunch will be served and then back to the studio.  The will be a little afternoon break for a drink

and some homemade cake.  I will be advertising courses and dates in about 4/5 weeks time.  If you are interested you can email me and I can send details for you to look at including a booking form along with any allergies etc for food.

I have been designing and started stitching for the courses and each course can have up to 6 people around the large table in the studio.

The garden will be being sorted now that Spring has started and the beautiful climbing rose I planted over the archway last year is growing beautifully.  I choose a iceberg one with a gorgeous scent and as the name may suggest it is white.

Fun and games sorting out the Studio and what to put where has taken place and everyday I wander in there and imagine the chatter and laughter of each and every course.  There will be a little gift at the end of each course day for you to take home along with, what I hope, will be wonderful memories of a day of stitching with me.

I must tell you all that on one of my walks recently I spotted a male otter who actually was playing in the River Stour near me, I was so pleased and watched him play in the bubbles he was creating.

The cottage is all but done with just a few adjustments inside and a bit of painting on the outside of the dinning room when the weather warms up a little.

All this in hand now gives me time to spend talking to you on here and of course to stitch, how I have missed it.  Personally there have been some wonderful changes but thats for later in the year to tell you about.  Update on Mum, she is doing well but of course Alzheimer's is a horrid illness so you loose a little of her each day.  She did not like facetime at all so when we could go back to see her, all be it in a pod with perspex .. it was better for her.  She does tap it though.    

unfortunately we lost our wonderful Godmother who was Mums best friend and that was very sad
indeed.  Although sometimes points behind my sister and I and says ' Patty' .. which makes us tingle slightly, we can not see her but my Mum sees her for sure.  Until she died Mum has never spoken her name.  Goose bump time !!!!

Today I was sorting through my Antique linens cupboard and of course my paisley stash .. its all too exciting.

I am gathering beautiful materials and hand dyed threads along with vintage ribbons and more for the courses and it is a pleasure.  

Sometimes I sit by the river and take my design journal with me to listen to the birds singing and remember Miss Muddy Beak, who I miss so so much.  I have a friendly black bird and he is getting more used to me, these things take time.  Not decided on a name for him yet but it will come.

The choice to move here was the best one, I love it here and it is firmly my home.  The pace of life is slower and everyone is so friendly.  We had snow in February about 3/4 inches and I got up early and pulled on my bright red wellies and had a long walk in the crunchy virgin snow.  The street lamps glowed a warm orange and the world was silent.  Then in the middle of Marks and Spencers car park I flung myself down and proceeded to do a snow angel.... Yes I did dear readers and no one was about.

Its been a year now since I picked up the keys to Thimble Cottage and its been busy, wonderful and happy.

So from now on in I will be on here far more regularly and update you all on the tales of thimble!

Sewing projects, courses and my general vintage ramblings, I have missed you all so much because I love reading your messages and feedback. Vintage fairs are starting up again this year and I already have a first date to share with you soon.

So until the  next time ( end of week more that likely) I wish you all ...

HAPPY STITCHING and of course, stay safe.

Sarah XX



  1. How exciting doing course, wishing you every success.

  2. Oh dear Sarah, it’s so good to have you back! Your blog was part of my day and something I so looked forward too - and happily can again! I am beyond delighted that you are settled into Thimble Cottage and that things are working out. So much to look forward to on so many levels. Mo xxxxx

    1. Hi Mo

      Thank you for your kind words, I have missed being here and that I have been missed too makes me very happy indeed.
      Vintage fairs will be starting again this summer so I hope we get to meet up very soon.
      Sarah xx

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