Thursday 11 June 2020

With my needle and thread.

One tiny stitch at a time, make beautiful things come together.
Adventures begin and our souls are fed with creativity.

Threads of Time Studio is coming together beautifully and for the first time yesterday I was able to
stitch on the table in there.  Now, its not finished yet but I have half a large table on which to work on
so I can not tell you how much work has been done.  All boxes have been emptied now and there is still some juggling about to be done.  Sat there yesterday with the lamps on and the rain falling gently outside I had found my happy place.  I was able to stitch, think and of course think about where things would be best put.

Deciding which vintage goodies and which fabrics are best out in the Studio and which will be best in my personal little room at the top of Thimble.  Thimble is over three floors and the very top has my sewing room and the spare bedroom on that floor.  Things are slowly being put away and gorgeous displays are being assembled and things on the wall.

I am at the 'faffing' stage and that pleases me.  Shall I pop this treasure here or here!  I have kept all my calligraphy pens and inks in me dear little sewing space at the top of the cottage along with my rubber stamps etc.  The thing is in both this room and the studio the ceilings are not as high as they were in the family home and therefore I can not put things on top of dressers or armours ... this takes away so much space for me.
Downstairs in the kitchen and lounge I still can so jugs and goodies can be displayed thank goodness.

The weather forecast for the next few days is darker days and rain.  I am happy with that to be honest. Little lights twinkle here and it is cosy and some how I have settled to more because on warm days it brings out the explorer in me and I need to get out and wander along the streams and the woods that have changed from bluebells, wild garlic and primroses to gorgeous foxgloves everywhere.  Birds
sing their songs and the light breeze flows through the tree tops like a song being whispered.  I am chasing adventure and freedom it seems.

So when these darker days are here I settle and stitch, the postman tapped on the window of my studio to deliver a parcel and said to me -- sorry to disturb you Sarah but I have this for you and you looked so happy and content!

As you practice slow and intentional stitching, your life, your attitude, your creativity, your health, your spirituality ... All will benefit as a result.

Mark Lipinski

I am looking forward to vintage fairs starting again, yes there have been instafairs but it is just not the same at all.  Part of the pleasure is truffling and seeing and feeling fabrics for me and lots more of you I would imagine.  It is the social side too and not trying to enlarge little photos to see more clearly.  Shops are opening from Monday it seems so little antique centres will be a blessing.

I see that The Dairy House is opening and that is not too far from me at all now so I will be making my way there for a social distance truffle .. and I can not wait!

Where I live now there is a beautiful fashion museum and it has a little coffee shop too.  When the doors open there I will be one of the first in.  I keep going past it and short of pressing my nose against a window I keep going to look at the beautiful garden at the front of it, filled with lavender, roses and foxgloves too.

I have taken photos of the outside already and the garden as there are no people about so that I may show you. When it is possible I will be able to bring you a blog about it.  It is a five minute walk from me literally as I found a shortcut through some little alley ways.  I have been exploring as I told you.

With fashion museums it is not just the clothes for me but the fabrics obviously.  I am so excited about it. It is what looks like to me,  a large Georgian property and I am sure I have been spotted.  One excited lady with a basket and a camera rooting about! Being only 5ft 1 I have thought about taking a stool along to peek in but considered the arresting headline and desisted!!!!

Well it has started to rain again and it is dark outside so it is time for me to go to the studio and light it up.  Get cosy and choose a throw to have on my lap.  Going to take a cinnamon tea with me and I may well take a piece of the apple and cinnamon pie I made yesterday too as I did not feel like breakfast today for some reason.

I am going to thread my needles and settle down for a few hours to stitch.  Then I will put some more treasures away.

So for today it is time for my ramblings to stop until the next time.



  1. Same for me. Last time I went to the V&A I stood in awe of the fabrics of the clothes.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Ah Julie! Hello. Yes the V &A is one of my most happy places. The cafe interiors is stunning too. Free entry ... maybe when this lockdown stuff is over you and I should make a trip together... xxxxxxx

  2. I’m so happy for you Sarah ❤️ I seem only to be able to comment as Vintage to Victorian. I need to try and change it somehow, but at least you know it’s me!

    1. Hi Sue!
      Yes I know it’s you ๐Ÿ˜
      Thank you getting on ok. .. coffee? When this madness is over? Xxxx