Friday 19 March 2021

Thoughts of Summer, Sea and Stitching!


Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean

 refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it is sent away .....

Thoughts of the summer and the shoreline come to mind at the moment, the only thing I miss is having the sea on my doorstep for a wander along.  I have a beautiful river and gorgeous walks and in point of fact I am not that far from the sea.  Sandbanks is only 9 miles away and its a beautiful drive and right by where my Mum is living so it will be visit Mum and walk along the beach soon enough.

I would like to design a little sampler based around the quote at the top of this page and so I am going to take a walk down by the river with my design journal and jot some ideas.  Watching the beautiful king fishers dart around may not be seaside material but it clears your mind of everyday things and allows my creative side to be more prominent somehow.  

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. 

The touch of the sea is sensuous,

 enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace.

Kate Chopin.

I simply adore wandering a shoreline and finding sea glass and beautiful little shells and at Sandbanks
there is shell bay and this is where treasures that the sea has given up are to be found. My prize peace of rare sea glass is a heart shaped piece of red glass ... one day I will incorporate it into something I am sure of it.  For now it sits on my desk, when the sun dances onto it, well to me that it is magical.

I had a bit of a panic the other day as I could not find my beautiful embroidery scissors from Sanjou! hunting high and low and in little piles of fabric bits and baskets of embroidery and notions... I could not find them.  Then as if in a beacon of light I found the precious scissors in this little basket of goodies. My fault I should be more careful.  All is well that ends well as they say.

Anyway then the slow little stitches could begin in earnest because until they were found I could not seem to concentrate totally as my mind was in a place, every little place they could actually be nestled... just comfortably lying there surrounded by treasure of the stitching variety.

I have stitched a little patch to sew onto one of my white vintage linen summer dresses.  It is a simple design and will grace the dress perfectly, great to keep cool and not mass produced.

Today is all about stitching for future courses and I am having a huge amount of fun with it.

Gathering and hunting for just the right fabrics, linens and threads to complete something in a day. I am timing myself too just to make sure.  Everyone has different speeds of slow stitching and its not to be rushed at all.  Its meant to be soul stitching and enjoyed to the full.

Lunch is to be enjoyed and it feeds our brains and also a time to chat and have some laughter.

Basically this is my next month sorted of stitching to get some coursers ready for later in the year when we can gather as a little group, with like minded people and enjoy the social side of life again as well as company with our sewing.

Personally I am so looking forward to it and to be able to meet some of you in person, what a day the first one will be.

It will be a busy week ahead getting little packs and baskets ready for The Threads of Time Studio.  It will also give me an excuse to look through boxes and drawers to gather beautiful vintage fabrics and hand dyed threads together and to be honest I can not really say its work but more of a delightful pleasure for me.  I count my self incredibly lucky to be able to do this each day.

I am hoping for some sunny weather this weekend to be able to go for a lovely walk through the Dorset country side and to discover new places and things to marvel at.

Prehapes a little visit to a seaside to wander along the shore and blow some cobwebs away.

Well that is it for today we have caught up again.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that the blogs bring a little moment in time for vintage rambling during the week.

As always ... Happy Stitching! and keep safe.

The above photos show the offending Sanjou scissors! bottom right. Well they seemed happy enough nestled in paisley's but for me I needed to be able to see my precious embroidery scissors!


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