Tuesday 5 December 2017

Treasure of the vintage kind.

Treasure! the best kind in
my humble opinion is
of the vintage kind.

Well as you know I went to two fairs a week ago and I had a list, I did stick to my list and some! but really who could blame me because I really was very good as you will see with all that scrummy, delicious and tempting goodies laid out beautifully on display.... and it was all for sale!! 

The Winter Brocante.

You saw the pictures and so you will see how controlled I actually was because I could have spent a fortune there.  So much to choose from and some amazing things that artisans had made, the standard was high indeed and I had a list ... first thing on it in capitals was ballet shoes and some antique music score sheets ... When I walked in its the first thing I saw, not the first stall but I turned my head and at the end I saw a Christmas tree with nothing but those two things on it ...I think I ran!

So I now have my ballet shoes and some great old vintage music sheets and I came away feeling like the cat that got the cream.

I bought this all from Nicki Page Antiques, happy happy me!

Next as I was walking back I came across the lovely Emma of Little Wren Vintage.  Now I know always that I will find something wonderful in the haberdashery line and of course quilts and vintage goodies but I wanted some vintage quilt pieces and there they were, shinning like a beacon so I had a good old truffle about and picked out what I liked.  Then my friend Jo pointed out some silver shot glasses that had some engraving on them.  I bought two of them and Jo bought one as well.

This is a project after Christmas and I am going to make me two and her one .. you can probably guess but I will show you after Christmas.  January is the quiet month and I will get lots of delicious slow stitching in happily sat by the fire with candles.

It was lovely to see Emma and we had a great chat as you know and I spent some time here choosing these lovely treasures.

Not on my list but again pointed out by Jo was these amazing glass tiny baubles, they are marble size Zoob & Turner stand and we both came away very happy indeed.
and clear glass with silver work on the top.  As she pointed out hung with thin velvet ribbon and different heights they will look stunning.  We both like odd numbers so she bought five and I bought seven .. this is a little project for Christmas to be done this week.  These were bought on the

Helen of Rosie's Armoire was there and I had not seen her and her beautiful stock for months and months so I was very happy when I spied her later in the day.  The first time round I could not see her as it was so busy.  I always find some great vintage old papers and envelopes and also vintage fabric inspiration packs.

The colours and the designs of the fabrics were just what I had been looking for and the little envelope on the top with Dec 25 stamped on it had to come home.  That will feature in my next Christmas sampler for sure.

Nicholas and Steele always has a show stopper of a display, treasure abound and I was
looking for some tiny vintage bottle brush Christmas trees and here they were all in an old vintage glass jar.  In went my hand and I sorted through them all and decided on what you see here.  In addition as I went to go and pay for my purchases I spied this great hand painted sign on an old piece of wood and well I just had to bring it home with me.  It has some old string to hang it with and now is around a old jar with Reindeer Food I made with not only oats and coloured raisins but flying glitter!  Just to help them on their way on Christmas Eve.....

My last purchase of the day was this wonderful little jug with a mouse on.  I have gone mouse mad this year and I thought my little visitors would like this to explore when it is not in use for cream.  The little mouse on the front was just too cute to walk away from.  This was bought from Hogben Pottery and I forgot to take a photo of their stand.... it was so busy and I just did not get back to it.

As you can see I managed to pick up some really beautiful things and all are home safely with me now to treasure.

The Vintage Bazaar was the next day on the Saturday and I vowed to be good and stick to my list in hand, that soon flew out of the window.  When walking in and greeted by old Christmas songs playing and the laughing policeman I was undone!

Not in any order but these are the vintage goodies that I purchased on the Saturday.

The lovely Clare of Daisy Darling had her stall there and I was looking for something in
particular as a present for a friend.  I knew this is were I would find what I was looking for.  Not disappointed as you can see, a gorgeous hand made candle in a cut glass jar with a silver lid, which, was tied with a red bell.  I also saw the old chandelier glass droplets and I added those to the jar.  The smell of the candle is so yummy and I know my friend will be thrilled with her gift for Christmas.

My friend Elaine of Fab Fairs was there and you will remember we bought that amazing quilt from her.  In addition though she had been saving me a huge pile of vintage paisley and eiderdown fabrics and a bag full came home with me as well.

What a delicious time I have had sorting through all of this I am very happy and very lucky indeed.

Sarah of Blueberry Patch had made some delightful little cushions with old vintage images
on them and this one had to come back with me.  I adore it so much.  I knew she was going to be bringing more and different stock to The Dorset Brocante the following weekend ( this one just gone now) and so I stopped at this purchase so that I could see more later in the week ... I was not disappointed!

Belinda Sharples had something else that I had on my list and I really was not holding out
much hope but I had set my heart on a white vintage bottle brush Christmas tree and to my delight there it was with pearls on it and in a vintage cotton reel with cream thread around it.  Perfect!

Hannah Wyman was there with her stunning haberdashery and I was spoilt for choice.  Now
the little pearl buttons were on my list and then I went off piste as it were.  I picked up the little red and white buttons with embroidered flowers on them for Christmas wrapping and a huge piece of the most lovely red colour and white checked fabric that is French. ... my motto if you see then buy it for when will something like that present itself again.

My last purchase of the day was this antique wooden piece with a cottage painted on it with the word Cozy painted on it.  I think it is delightful.  This was bought from Prefabness and I just spotted it as I walked pass.  It was then wrapped carefully in tissue paper and put in a white paper bag with handles and handed to me.  It was not until I got it home and photographed it that I found a little gift inside that made me smile the best smile ....

I will leave you with a picture of my gift and hope that you have all enjoyed the Treasure that I managed to truffle the weekend before last.  Have a wonderful day and as always .....

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Lovely purchases, and I love the jug with the mouse

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie I am really pleased with it all. The mouse jug was just too cute to leave behind!

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Gosh, didn't you do well! I also bought the same little cushion (plus more as gifts) from Sarah. Her things are just so delicious. I hope the Dorset Brocante was good too. Mo xx

    1. Morning Mo
      It was a lovely fair as always. Same cushion! Lol .. I bought a different one at the Dorset Brocante from Sarah ....
      The Brocante was outstanding in a beautiful old House ..
      How was Yorkshire?

      Sarah xxxx

  3. Christmas has arrived early for you Sarah! Lovely things you lucky girl

    1. Morning Dawn
      Yes some truly lovely bits and I am lucky.
      There was such wonderful things on offer they were hard to resist!
      Sarah xxxx