Monday 4 December 2017

December ....

The season for kindling the fire of
hospitality in the hall &
the genial fire of charity in the heart.

Washington Irving.

Well its a later start for me today, I had a very lovely but very busy weekend and I am feeling a little under the weather today for some reason.  This can not happen as I have far to much to do.

On Saturday we decorated the house inside and out with sparkling white lights and a beautiful wreaths on the doors.  We have a front door then a inner door and both have fresh wreaths on.

We started at 10am and finished at 10.30pm with a break for lunch ( ate stood up) and our dinner in the evening, which we actually sat down for.

It looks lovely but today there is no stitchery until I have had a tidy around and put away all things and cleaned a little.  I could not on Sunday as we attended The Dorset Brocante at Kingston Mauward and it was a really gorgeous event.  I will tell you more about that during the week.

Did you all see the super moon last night, it was something to behold and almost magical.  As I was staring at it my thoughts turned to the fact that I was staring at the same moon as the rest of the world ( all be it time differences) and again I found myself thinking how magical that was too.

My faithful basket of stitching is sat waiting patiently by my chair and I am hoping to pick that up later afternoon and sit by the fire with candles going and the large fresh Christmas tree that now adorns the sitting room.  It looks so pretty and I am so pleased with it.  The glass baubles that let the twinkle of the white lights shine through.  I also bought many moons ago some double candles that I hang over the branches and it gives it a Victorian look.

This week there is present wrapping high on the list of to do's and there seems to be a mound.  I keep
looking at it all and know I need to get on with it.  In my crystal ball it tells me this week will be about Christmas prep instead of stitchery.

Talking about my favourite subject I bought some wonderful things at The Dorset Brocante and I can not wait to show you all.  I need to get some presents wrapped to get to my armoire and drawers to put things away. 

Never fear today I have my lovely helper Jo, friend from Australia and she is keen to help me sort the house out and we will, together get a lot done to get me back on track this week.  Its nice to have an angel stay with you .....

It seems that 2017 has flown by and the ending of it is so different to the start.  My Mum was in a bad way at the beginning of it and we had to fight to get her help and help for us with her.  We had such a rocky start to her care but now she is settled and well cared for and we can once again be daughters who come in and take her out or stay in her 'flatlet' as she calls it as it has a en-suite, bedroom part and a lounge with sofa and chair plus foot stalls and a great view into a garden and wooded area.  We sometimes just sit in there ( Mum, my Sister and Myself) and they bring us a tray of coffee's and we all talk and smile and laugh.  The other day when we were there Elves were everywhere.  Hats, ears and pixie boots in green and red with bells!  Yes the staff dress up daily right now and it is fabulous.

To see happiness on the faces of all the residents is heart warming.  They are loving the goings on and for me it warms my soul.  I watch my Mum who is lost in her head, it is not just about memory it is  also about struggling to say things to us.  You see it in her eyes, fear! and we sit with her and hold her hand and say yes and agree.  She then smiles because she knows we understand her.  Christmas at this amazing Care Home has made her smile and I know bringing back her own childhood memories that are precious to her of her Mum and Dad and her brothers and Sister.  It helps us too knowing she is safe, warm and happy.  I am going over this week with my Sister and we are decorating her flatlet with bits.  She already has her Christmas patchwork quilt on her bed ... well it had to be done.

I can now take stitching over with me and if she falls asleep well I just sit with her and stitch but watch her sleep.  When she wakes she smiles and asks how long I have been there, she does not remember before the sleep.  I say not that long and I have my sewing to do, its so lovely here Mum and I get lots done! that pleases her and we go a second round of coffee!

Anyway that is it for today and I will see you back here tomorrow.  So much to show you all this week as well.

Have a fabulous day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Your mum sounds very content and that is the best present that Santa could bring. Hope you feel better, I'm just fighting a cold and seem to be winning with the help of Night Nurse. Xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Its that time of year isn't it, I hope you feel better soon. I think we all do much this time of year as there is so much to do.

      Mum is content now and as long we are always there by her side she will continue to be happy.

      I am aching today and cold. Partly using muscles I have not used in a while from Christmas decoration day and partly a bit coldy. Night Nurse our bestie!

      Sarah xx

  2. Glad to hear your mum is content.
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie, she is in her own world mostly now and with that brings the contentment and stops the denial.

      Sarah xxxxx