Friday 1 December 2017

The wonder that is the Vintage Bazaar.

In a beautiful town of Devizes in 
the heart of Wiltshire
is the old Corn Exchange.
On this wonderful sunny 
Saturday what could be better
than a vintage fair
I can not think of anything!

The wonder that is the Vintage Bazaar! I simply adore these events run by Lizzie and Jack and Clare
and Mike ....   This one was in Devizes as I said and the Corn Exchange reminds me of something out of Dickens.  It is a beautiful venue for a fabulous real down to earth vintage fair.

As we walked up to this fantastic venue with the Christmas tree up above the sign  that said Vintage Bazaar here today my heart fluttered.  Lots of treasure was through that door and lots of fabulous friends as well.

To my surprise and delight there was a gentleman in vintage police uniform and he was a really friendly bobby too.  nicknamed him the laughing policeman, as you can see from the
photo it suited him rather well.

There was old Christmas songs playing softly in the background and lots of chatter and laughter.  It is such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere always at the VB's.  I was greeted by one of Clare's daughters who I would happily adopt, if you are reading this Clare!  Martha is a cutie and gives the best cuddles.

Firstly was the lovely Lizzie and her stall The Washerwoman, with so much to look at.  There
was French treasures from one of the many buying trips that her and her husband make.  Fabrics, fabric stamps, cottons, buttons, doll house bits, haberdashery and so so much more.  It was so lovely to catch up as well as we have not seen each other since the Summer.

Then to my utter delight was Jane of Kiss the Book and her stall always looks so beautiful with colour co-ordinated books tied with ribbons. quills and inks, old papers and copper plate pictures made into craft bags for paper crafting, old lady bird books and it looked stunning as did Jane in a rather fetching hat for the occasion.

We had a catch up as well as again we had not seen each other for a little while.

Daisy Darling was next and that is Clare's stall and oh my it was beautiful.  Handmade candles
in vintage jars and jelly moulds, fabrics, hand made hats, fabric stamps, wax melts in the most wonderful bags made from old book pages and tied with butchers twin and hand made tags.  There were buttons and bottle brush Christmas trees in old cotton reels it was Christmas and it was a feast for the eyes!

Clare and I had a lovely chat and she also went and made me a coffee or two as well.  Such a wonderful 20 minutes .....

Suitably Vintage were there and I had seen them the day before at the Winter Brocante, they were there looking not stalling and they said they would be here on the Saturday.  So much gorgeous fabrics, buttons and vintage treasure were laid out beautifully.

It was so nice to catch up, the day before was hectic but today was a really manageable busy and it suited most of us that way.  There were people who were there buying and all in dressed in the 40/50's outfits, laughing and happy.

Teresa of Cherub Antiques was there and again had been looking at the Winter Brocante the day before as well and it was lovely to see all her beautiful jewellery and antique bottles and silver.  It looked so sparkly and for a magpie like me it was an irresistible look through.

Sky Blue was there and that is Anne-Marie and she is the most lovely lady her stall always has some gorgeous vintage brooches on it and of course beaded evening bags along with gloves and all sorts of lovely tempting vintage goodies.  Sadly she is moving back to France so I do not think we will bump into each other at the VB's now very often.  If you are reading this you will be very much missed along with that lovely smile of yours xx

Along I went singing along to Bing, because it has to be done and remembering not only to chat and Isobel was there with her Haberdashery and oh my! stunning buttons and notions and fabrics it was an Aladdin's Cave of gorgeous goodies ...
take some photos but to purchase a few treasures along the way.

I could not help myself here it was Stitchery Heaven!

Moving along and still singing may I add, I spotted Sarah and her lovely stall The Blueberry Patch.. made out of printed old images some really gorgeous things on offer.  My friend Jo was with me again along with my lovely husband too and Jo was enchanted on here.  Some really lovely things to tempt all.

Yes I did indulge and I am over the moon with my Christmas purchase, it is for decoration and when I do my show and tell you will see why....

My Fairy Furniture was in attendance and with such a pretty eclectic array of vintage
goodies and makes.  Some really lovely fairy handmade furniture that any little one would have loved to find in a Christmas stocking.  I love looking around little bits and bobs there is something so childhood memory about it.  It was lovely to say hello again and we had a little chat.

As you know I say my friend Elaine there and I am now the custodian of that rather fine and very old quilt that is unfinished and with old papers still in the hexagons and I still keep pinching myself that is going to be mounted in a frame... I was so happy that she has in trusted me with something that really is museum piece worthy.

Fenela Sadler Vintage was there and I personally had never come across her before and it was such a lovely to surprise to see meet someone else that I had never met before.  With so many wonderful treasures and set out beautifully it was a real treat.

Prefabness  had a beautiful stall with lots of vintage toys, it was colourful and again things on
there reminded me of childhood.  My friend Jo was very taken with something on there and it came back with her.  Can you guess? Well as you must know by now she is Australian and of course there was a rare jointed Koala bear ... yes it has found a new home!

 The lovely Belinda Sharples was there and again such a beautiful mix of vintage treasure with bottle brush Christmas trees, Victorian money puzzle box, Gloves, Ballet shoes, Christmas baubles and so much more.  Again it was a Christmas delight and as I looked around I saw things that my Mums parents had when I was a child... they would be delighted if they were still with us today that far from a through away nation we have become collectors of the great items that they treasured in their day.

Runaround Retro was there and next to Prefabness and had some really stunning things that
she had made.  There were some wonderful children's bonnets and child clothes.  Vintage and retro inspired styles for everyday adventures.  Bloomers, Bibs, Bonnets and organic cotton sweaters.
If you like what you see she does sell in Poot in Frome and Spotty Herberts in Bath. and has a Etsy shop

It had been such a wonderful morning there and it was now time for us to leave and get some lunch.  My husband was hungry and so were Jo and myself.  We had a wonderful day and we had also seen Mo and her husband again who had come from Scotland for a Vintage Weekend.  As you may remember we saw them the day before in West Sussex.

I would like to thank Liz and Jack and Clare and Mike for their hard work in bringing this fabulous  Christmas vintage event for us all to go to, the work and the advertising that goes into to these is eye watering.  I would also like to thank Eleanor and Martha too, it would not be the same without you two beauties.

I hope that you have all enjoyed a little peek at this great event and do not forget that there will be more next year, so if you like what you see keep an eye open for the dates on here for the Vintage Bazaars in Frome and Devizes in 2018.

Have a wonderful weekend and do not forget next week will be a show and tell of what treasure I plundered.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Once again Sarah, you have done the fair proud! It was lovely and as you say, although busy, more manageable than the day before. I also did well, got lots of lovely goodies from some of the salls you mention. In addition, we were looking round an antique shop (forget name, but Bumped in to Andrew) and Jimmy spotted an old Sylko thread display unit - bless him, he bought it for me. I did a happy dance I must admit. Can't wait to see your show and tell - always exciting to see what treasures people get. Have a lovely weekend - we are off to Yorkshire for the weekend. Love, Mo xxx p.s say hello to the delightful Jo from me xx

    1. Hi Mo!
      Thank you so pleased I captured the fair! As you were there and approved.. I know I got it right!
      Wow Mo Sylko display cabinet! Points for Jimmy!!!
      Love to see a photo..
      Have a great time in Yorkshire.. Do you have snow?

      Jo says hello back to you and Jimmy and was so pleased to meet you both.

      Sarah xxx

  2. Thank you for a lovely write-up Sarah. It was good to see you and meet your friend. All the 2018 dates are now posted on the VB blog. Have a lovely Friday. Liz xx

    1. Thank you Lizzie. Oh fabulous will dates down.
      Will be great to see you on Sunday.. will bring dates with me for you and Jack ..
      Glad you liked write up.
      Have a great day

      Sarah xx

  3. Thank you so much Sarah - it was a real treat to see you and meet your friend Jo in Devizes. Lovely to see you today At The Dorset Brocante! Hope you had a good time. Thank you for your support. Sarah xx

    1. Thank you Sarah, so lovely to catch up with a few times the last few months.
      Have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you in the New Year .. Sarah xx