Friday 22 December 2017

The Dorset Brocante .. the fruits of my truffling!

Treasure! of the very best kind.

Firstly thank you all for your Birthday wishes I did have a wonderful time and the Ballet was so very good, I sat there and I was a child again except for the Gin and tonic I had pre show.  Sorry I have been absent but it has been my Mum and she has not been great yet she has rallied once more.  It is a cruel illness that is taking her bit by bit but my place is by her side when its needed.

Well the long awaited for treasure that I picked up at the beautiful Dorset Brocante!  It was a great day in the gorgeous Dorset countryside as you might remember from a previous blog!  The grand stone staircase was lined with candles and festive greenery and when inside all the stalls looked so gorgeous.  Christmas was in the air and it was such a wonderful day truffling  about.

In no particular order but as I think you all know I was looking for something different, what I mean to say is I like the red car/ truck with the Christmas tree on the top but I wanted to break away from the crowd .. its just me.  So when I saw this dear vintage red and cream, tin old stage coach I knew I had found it!  I could just see the bottle brush tree I had at home wrapped around with ribbon and some little star fairy lights that I had purchased in America for the purpose on top .... I swooped in like an eagle!  I think you may agree it looks just perfect!  So happy am I. Now and Forever had this on their beautiful stall and I feel it was waiting there just for me.

Then from The Blueberry Patch ( Sarah) I bought this most gorgeous little cushion that is for decoration rather than plumping up and snuggling in your favourite chair with!  The image that is on there I just fell in love with and so the little beauty has come home here in is part of our Christmas festivities here in our home.  It is such a Christmas image to me and I love it.

On Wayward Rose stall there were some hand made mice, there were few different ones but the little
mouse who had on his red jumper and was singing carols captured my heart.  We have an old light up streetlight at home and it has a Christmas wreath on it.  It comes out yearly and looks great on the shelf ... except something is very much missing and here was the missing link... so now Mr Mouse stands and sings underneath it and is also keeping the three naughty mice in some sort of order as they are so excited about Christmas and still patrol up and down with their little stockings waiting for Santa.

Now for some stitchery as I think I said Lizzie Drake had some stunning haberdashery and fabrics on offer and I was able to browse and purchase some really beautiful bits that had my name on it.  As I looked through I could see what I would do with things and it was a really lovely truffle through some exceptional pieces.

The light for photo taking has not been the best so forgive me but if you really look you will see some beautiful quilt pieces, fabrics and threads.

Sally of The Apple Loft and the organiser of this gorgeous fair had made me a linen apron that I was keen to pick up and whilst it was being wrapped my husband spied two beautiful  silver napkin rings that were on her lovely stall and we came away with those as well.

 I love my apron and will be ordering another colour in the New Year as well.  They are great to wear and over a dress or even a top and trousers they look great.

My napkin ring has the frill as you can imagine but the other one reminded him of is Nana's one she had so we decided to bring them home.  Although it is not his family one it pleases him he has one almost like it.

From The Little Red Robbin we bought our wreath for the front door and a gorgeous
Christmas rose in a old terracotta pot.  Both of which look really beautiful.  Here they both are in the spots for Christmas and the Christmas rose will continue through long after with care and then I will plant it out or in a larger pot I am not sure yet.

The wreath is so large and so pretty and when I look at it on our front door it makes me smile.  Such a beautiful wreath and made with such care...  It has the tiny tiny pinky/red berries and white ones as well and eucalyptus all splayed out. it really is a beauty... The posty just about can get the post through the door!

The very last thing I picked up was my chocolate salami from Alix Faux and she is the talented Cake maker and maker of all kinds of scrummy things to munch on.

I should have made my own but there it is the time was running out so I bought two from this lovely lady.....

Well that was my treasure from the 3rd December and it does not seem possible it was that long ago!  Where has this year gone.

That is it for today and I will be back tomorrow for a Christmas Special...

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Lovely things. Sorry to hear about your mum

    Have a lovely Christmas

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Hope your mum will be ok Sarah. Such a worry. Take care and hope you can have a nice Christmas. Will your children be joining you this year? Hope so. Love Dawn xxx