Thursday 7 December 2017

The beautiful Dorset Brocante

A beautiful sunny day.
The gorgeous Dorset Countryside.
An English Country House
and the Dorset Brocante!

Kingston Maurward House is a large Grade I listed Georgian English country house set in a 750-acre estate in Dorset situated in the Frome valley two miles east of Dorchester and it was a sunny day and there was a Vintage Fair being held there on Sunday 3 December!  The Dorset Brocante and wow what a venue and wow what a visually beautiful event....

As we drove up the tree lined drive the sun was shinning and the house was in the distance, we parked and walked up to the front entrance and you just knew it was going to be Narnia inside those doors.  Inside there are stone steps up and each step had a glass candle lantern with candles going up along with holly with berries piled at each one.

Outside before you went in there was a old cream horsebox that had been converted into a mobile coffee and warm drinks place.  They were also selling non alcoholic mulled wine .... visually the
greeting was out of this world.

When you walked inside there was a massive Christmas tree and two beautiful fireplaces all decked out for the season and the start of the most wonderful stalls.  Through six rooms/large corridors there was treasure abound and I had to stand and just gaze at how stunning it all looked.

It was wonderland and my husband wandered looking and catching me up and he said my face was a picture of contentment and wonder.  Jo had gone another way and was all smiles too.

In no particular order of where people were situated these are the photos that I managed to take whilst there.  It was so good that I had to keep reminding myself my first reason for being there.

Forget me not was there with her covered books and journals all decorated in beautiful fabrics.  Her display was so pretty and inviting, I always think if a stall looks as good as this people will stop automatically to look and purchase.

La Belle Epoque was there and I had never come across this particular trader before but it was so lovely and set out beautifully with lots of treasure to choose from.  The eclectic mix was delightful and it took a delicious amount of  time to look at everything there.

I was looking for something in particular with a I do not know what form it will take attitude.  Well let me explain.  The old red and white truck with the Christmas tree tied to it ... you know what I mean, well I wanted something like that to do myself BUT not a truck.  That is me ladies and gents I am the little ballet girl at the end of line of children all lined up in their tutu's and paying attention with their feet poised beautifully .. one two three etc in a row.  That is until you see the last child hanging upside down on the bar and humming and swinging gently .. I always try and be different, well not sure I try that hard really but is is just me!  Well this stall had just that and I pounced on it straight away.  I did a little happy dance and paid my money as well as one other purchase.
Now and Forever was the name of this wonderful stall holder.

Now I was happy and looking for Alix Fauvel of Cakesmith fame who makes the most stunning cakes.  She had two Fig chocolate salami's that had my name on them and she told me she had made them for me the night before.  I was over the moon.  Its a different recipe to the one I make and this one needed to be tried and tested.  It is sat in our fridge maturing nicely for over the Christmas and New year as a treat after dinner.  It was lovely to catch up with Alix and she has also been voted one of the top ten makers for Christmas cakes in Selfridges ... what an honour but one she totally deserves and has worked hard for.

Mercer and Rose were there and Helen had brought all her silver jewelry that she makes
herself.  It was glistening in the sun that had come round through the windows and the magpies of us were all looking and smiling at her beautiful artisan craft.

Grey to Green House were there and again some great things to purchase.  The standard of the vintage treasures was high and the choice impossible.  Trying to stick to a list was crazy hard and with the sunlight dancing on all the treasures it made everything even more appealing!

Jenny Jones was there and again just pure vintage treasure where ever you looked.  My friend
Jo bought some wonderful bits from here and I made a little purchase too.  More about that later in the week at the show and tell.  It was such a great 10 minutes browsing here.

The Shed Tenby was there and oh my, such gorgeous things and gorgeous haberdashery ... tempted yes, purchased of course!  It was lovely to see them again as the last time was at The Dorset Brocante in the summer at Deans Court in Wimborne.

Treasure hunting can be expensive especially this time of year.  Not the prices of those who go out
looking for us hunters to buy from them, especially the hours they put in doing it and travelling around the country looking for stock as well, but most of us just can not resist ... I can resist anything but temptation!

Vintage Jane was there and we had a bit of a catch up because I have not seen her in ages it seemed to me, and was trying to rack my brain about it.  So many gorgeous things there to tempt all.

Now I moved on and found Lizzie Drake and her stall was my magpie of the day really.  The haberdashery that I bought there.  On the list? well some of it, but would I ever see this quality and beauty again ever or for a long time, I decided no I would not so the old saying ' see it and buy it' for the next person behind you will.

The photos just can not do it justice but I have tried to capture the essence for you.

Painted were there and the simply beautiful things that were there.  The most stunning of
Dresser's with lots of vintage bits on there to purchase.  An old crate to keep your Bollinger champagne in and so much more.  There was a dresser bottom too and if we had the room that would have come back with us ... so stunning.  The standard was high and done really well this was an outstanding stall and a feast for the eyes.

Girls own store was there with the old vintage sock knitting machine which fascinates me and all her beautiful socks she makes in great colours.

There are also dyed and spun wool's to take home and do a spot of knitting if you so wish.  I love this and look forward to wearing my socks I bought in the Summer from this remarkable lady ..

As well as organising this great fair Sally has her own business called the Apple Loft and her
lovely daughter and friend were helping on there.  Sally makes the linen aprons that I adore and she made me a wine coloured one you can see it in this picture...

I now have two of her aprons she makes and I think one more in the new year .. duck egg is on my list.

The Washerwoman was there after running The Vintage Bazaar last weekend.  Jack and Lizzie were there and had some stunning French finds as always.  A most wonderful quilt .. no I was good but should money be no object well...

There was also some stunning fabrics and other gorgeous vintage treasures.  We were able to have a good chat and a good giggle too.  Food for the soul.

Theresa of Cherub Antiques was there and she had also been at the VB the previous Saturday, however with different stock this time and again such beautiful vintage jewelry on offer.  It is always lovely to see her and we have a little chat.  It was becoming a busy day here but manageable not over crowded.

Little Red Robin were there near Painted and oh my oh my the wreaths and plants and decorations that this lady makes are quite beautiful.  Yes I did buy our front door wreath and a few other bits to decorate with and I will show you later on when I have photographed everything.  You may all remember that they make the shepherd hooks and the poppy seed heads for the garden as well and we have those in our garden and were bought last year. I am over the moon with our bits and it was also lovely to see them again to wish them a Happy Christmas.

Sarah was there of Blueberry Patch and I saw her at the VB the weekend before but she had
sold out of a cushion that I wanted.  I am pleased to say there was one there for me and it is a small one as was my truck one with the tree on it.  They are not on chairs but on shelves to decorate.  Happy was I when I came away with that. 

Wayward Rose was there and it was so lovely to catch up, I had not seen them since the Summer and we had a really good old chat about what each other was doing for Christmas and the vintage fair season for next year.  There was a little something that I bought from here that I could not resist and again all will be revealed on the show and tell blog.

It was time for us to go on and we said our goodbyes and then stepped outside for a non alcoholic mulled wine before our ride home through the Dorset countryside.  The sun was setting as we made it home and the super moon was out in all its gorgeous glory ...

I would like to thank Sally of The Apple Loft for organising this amazing event and for all your hard work as well.  Thank you for making my linen apron in break speed time and I look forward to your events next year ... I thought this venue was stunning.

I hope you have all enjoyed a little peek at The Dorset Christmas Brocante and hope you all have a lovely day.

Happy Stitching! XX


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    1. It was amazing Julie.. lovely atmosphere too. Xxxxxx

  2. Thank you for a beautiful write up of a stunning event. xx

    1. It was such a beautiful fair and lovely to see you and Jack.
      Glad you like the write up Liz xxxx

  3. Thank you for your lovely words. It was a beautiful Fair x

    1. Glad you liked the write up, I tried to capture how lovely it was.
      I thought it was a beautiful fair as well.
      Thank you Lizzie x