Friday 29 January 2016

Scraps of beautiful fabrics and samplers .....

Being creative is a way of life 
to me.  I get up each day with 
my head dancing with designs that have
to be jotted down in my journal.

I know I am not the only one who has a basket of beautiful fabric scraps.  Little pieces of beauty that I can not possible just put in the bin.  I sew them on to all sorts of things and if I want to cut out a little heart for a design, lets say, my scrap basket is my first point of call before I cut into a large piece of paisley.  

On Wednesday it was monumental rain here all day.  The day was dark and I had the lights on around the house with fairy lights all twinkling and candles lit.  Even with light it was hard to see for hand stitching properly so I got my scrap baskets down and cut out lots of tiny hearts ... I like to appliqué
them onto samplers and patches and I thought I would start a jar of them.  I felt that I was still doing something.  It was only 3pm in the afternoon but outside it was like 7pm at night, the sky was black and the rain was coming down in rods.  The New Forest near to where we live had flooded and trains were stopped and my husband had a devil of a job getting home.  So I sat happily cutting tiny hearts out of bits of beautiful fabrics and reminiscing about the bigger bits of these stunning fabrics that I had once but are now happily made into something else for others to enjoy.

It becomes very quite addictive and calming.  I then started sorting bits for patches and to stitch on to samplers and other goodies.  Little squares that are too lovely in their own right to cut up again put would make a great addition to a piece of work on there own ... if you put them together they look lovely.  So I had a bit of a sort out of my basket of vintage fabric scraps but also it has enabled me to just go to my jars for squares or hearts.  I still have a basket of fabrics that have not been categorised but now I have three places to look for a tiny bit of fabric that will be just right for the job in hand!

Then me being me and not liking waste I had a few strips of linen that I guess some would throw
away.  One bit had like threads hanging which look fabulous and one bit was a hem from a vintage linen sheet.  I thought I could make little bundles of fabrics and tie them up with those.  Hoarder or being careful and non wasteful .... that is to be decided I guess.

Anyway I had a great time sorting as it was to dark to hand stitch tiny stitches and I wanted them very neat and hate unpicking .. not just because I feel it is not good for the vintage fabrics but I really do not like doing it, my humour goes!

Well today is a little better it seems so I hope to get some stitching done.  Plus good new my sewing machine is back so I can do some machining as well.  Have a great weekend and do not forget there is a blog tomorrow being Saturday..... This is a great one if you love vintage and like to knit.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Once again Sarah, you inspire me. I simply love the jar of hearts idea and will shamelessly plagerise that. Already ideas are dancing around my head. Thank you! Have a great weekend. Xx

  2. Maureen I am here purely and hopefully inspire ... I am honoured !

    Sarah x

  3. Sarah,
    I justlove the hearts....all your work is the fabrics. Hope all is well with you.
    Diane x

    1. Hello Diane

      how lovely to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words. All is well here with me in soggy, wet England. How is the beautiful Boston (just love it in your wonderful city)

      I hope that you are still creating lovely pieces of stitchery...

      Take care
      Sarah xx

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