Friday 22 January 2016

Off to the Victoria and Albert in London.

Good morning all!

Well I am off to London today on the train with my husband for company.  He will be going on to work and I will be heading to the Victoria and Albert museum.

I am going to see the stitching exhibition and will take photo's and there will be a write up on my blog sometime next week for you all to see.

It is called A Stitch in Time .. homes sewing before 1900. This display examines some of the tools used in domestic sewing, which could be highly decorative in their own right.
Often the only things that women could legally call their own, these tools reflected female status and accomplishment.
Before the advent of factory-produced clothing, sewing and knitting were everyday tasks, especially for women. These skills were a demonstration of feminine virtue, as the ideal wife or mother was supposed to provide for her family by making and mending household linen.

I will probably go around the David Bowie exhibit too after the sad news that he passed away last week.  He happened to be one of my childhood singers that I loved so that is just a little sentimental journey for me to say goodbye to a very talented performer.

I am also going to meet my husband for a warm lunch so that will be great too. 

Do not forget to come back tomorrow as there is a great blog about a journal found in a junk yard with some incredible water colours.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Have a great day. A few years back we went to an interesting museum to do with sewing, we went to the Needle Museum at Redditch Warwickshire. Worth a look. at the history of the sewing needle.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. So excited as i am visiting the V & A in a couple of weeks and had forgotten about this exhibition...thank you for the reminder!
    Looking forward to your lovely pics :)
    Tilly x

  3. Thank you both ... I am having a coffee waiting for 10am for it to open .... Will take lots of photos xx