Monday 8 December 2014

Victorian glass beads

A while ago I found some Victorian glass beads for my collection, they are great for eyes especially seahorse ones.

I have a box for them to segregate them into colours and then it is very easy to get what you need quickly when stitching.  Those type of things I do not put in my sewing baskets as they have a habit of getting lost, which is the same for buttons as well.

I was able to find some more of these beauties, which surprised me as they are fairly rare and so today I am going to sit and put my two bundles of them I bought back in the summer, into the box.

It is something that you can do sat at a table with a lovely warm drink and still feel you are achieving something important.  When I am stitching I take a break for a drink as I worry that some may get spilt on the work I am in the middle of working on and I think I would go in a corner and cry if that happened!

So I am going to do just that, make myself a cup of coffee and sort my stunning Victorian glass beads.

Happy Stitching!

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