Thursday 10 December 2015

Sarah Moore .... Christmas barn sale.

Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, does not come
from a store!

Dr Seuss.

Well I managed to get to Sarah Moore's Christmas barn sale and I am so glad that I did.  I wrapped up warm and off we set to West Sussex on a rather blustery day to be greeted by Sarah and her great enthusiasm and cheerful smile and a roaring open fire with a bench that was outside in the courtyard with blankets and basket of logs.

There were tables outside with tea light lamps and fresh Christmas smelling greenery and as always it look beautiful and welcoming.  You can  tell that lots of artistic thought and work goes into these vintage sales at Sarah's home and all that come are welcome.

The barn was done up in in all its splendour with beautiful and unusual gifts to buy for loved ones and for ones self.  Outside in one of the stables Hector and Fox had set up and they had some amazing Christmas fairy lights made from old shot gun cartridges.... There were beautiful smelling candles ( yes some came home with us) and plants planted into beautiful containers and kissing balls made from tiny cones ... visually and aroma wise your senses were working over time ...

Inside the big beautiful barn at the far left hand end they were all set up for making Christmas wreaths.  There were I believe two classes that day going on and there was baskets of beautiful holly and all sorts of scrummy greenery to make a stunning wreath.

Then as you looked around the barn flowed like one large Christmas shop.  Dressers laid with stunning vintage china and cutlery.  There were beautiful vintage linens and baskets of baubles along side stunning fabrics and makes.  There was something there for everyone and I borrowed a basket and started to wander around looking at all the beautiful things that were displayed for purchase.

It had by now got very busy we were there when it opened at 10am but within 15 minutes or so it was bustling with people all with smiles on their faces and wandering around happily.

The barn had been decorated with lights and greenery and there were tables and dressers that were brimming with Christmas vintage goodies.  

The large barn had a corridor to the side that led to two smaller rooms, one being the pop up Tea Room and the other Sarah's workroom with her own personal stash of vintage fabrics.  Since the last pop up sale they have knocked these spaces into one room and oh my it is beautiful with exposed beams and lots of light.  Stone steps go from one barn to the other and there is also a side door onto this now other barn.  It was laid out as a tea room with beautiful vintage cloths on the tables and cakes under glass domes with piles of vintage china and the smell of coffee.  
Then at the far end was utopia ... shelves of stunning fabrics on display, which are not for sale but indeed for Sarah to create with.  Can you imagine sitting at a table eating home made cake and a cafetiĆ©re of fresh coffee and staring at all those lovely fabrics .... it was absolute heaven.

Whilst we were sat having our coffee and cake we met up with some lovely friends B and Julia and had a lovely chat and catch up.  Julia writes a blog and I am going to link it on my homepage here.  This lady is talented to say the least and her writing is warm and funny with facts and help along the way.

It was time then to go back to looking around and getting my final purchases before heading off.  I headed for a table that had to be Sarah,s products with beautiful hand made brooches, bags, cushions, button cards and so much more.

Every time you wandered around you saw something different.  This is the way to Christmas shop with hand made goodies that are not mass produced.  There is care put into each thing made and with lots of soul.  I was very pleased with my purchases and I did buy lots and lots of vintage baubles which I have put into a large glass jar and displayed on the side with a false tea light in the middle which makes all the baubles shine and dance.....
The Christmas wreath class was in full swing and the beautiful smell that permeated throughout the barn was wonderful of all the pine and holly that was being enthusiastically bunched together.

People were taking photos of displays and chatting about the beautiful smell of coffee and cakes that was tempting people to sit and stay a while.

We had a wonderful day and after we left we popped into Arundel to look at the Castle and see there Christmas fair that was going on too......

I am going to leave you with a few more photos and hope that you have a wonderful day today.  I would like to thank Sarah and her family once again for hosting such a great event and everyone else there who makes it all possible.

The pop up Tea Room.

Beautiful vintage glass and china.


Happy Stitching!


  1. only just caught up with this lovely post - looks like a wonderful day. xx