Friday 11 December 2015

Hand Dyed Shaker Threads ... my booty from America!

I'm itching to be stitching!  ~Author Unknown

Looking through my beautiful threads the other day was wonderful and I have to admit to spending far too much time doing so.  In my defence I was not only taking photos but also looking at my design book so that I could match up some threads at the same time in the column at the side, this way when I get around, next year, to be stitching them I have some idea as to how to start.

I have some beautiful colours of embroidery threads I must say and with that kind of choice then I am set for next year.

I have recently bought some beautiful cross stitch patterns for me to stitch for our home and I am really looking forward to doing some of that.  I have decided to incorporate some cross stitch in my embroidery and appliqué  sampler designs next year, I have been inspired buy not only looking at antique samplers but indeed cross stitched monograms on French linen sheets that I have in my stash.....! 

Having spent lots of time resting in bed over the last few weeks, which is not a good place to bring a needle, and with watering eyes mistakes are to readily made, I have as you know been designing.  I am pleased with some of the results and I have
incorporated some old papers and book pages along with some paper maché as well .... I am going to give some of them ago which will be coupled with embroidery as well as fabrics.....

I managed to go to the Sarah Moore Christmas vintage barn sale last weekend and that is it for me this year.  This dreadful cough and infection has taken its toll on me and I have to know when to give in and rest.  So all of my work now is on hold for January and I am getting ready for Christmas.

I have now sorted my beautiful hand dyed shaker embroidery threads out and I have put them into colour ways for you to look at......

Look at those reds ... oh they are beautiful and I
do use an awful lot of that colour.  then there are of course greens, greys, blues, oranges and yellows and browns to name just a rainbow of thread colours.

I have a huge box that is clear with a clip lid but I am thinking of down sizing to smaller ones with all the different
colour ways in them which would be easier for me really.  The really useful boxes stack beautifully and it seems it would be a great solution and also a time saver in a way.

I am very much looking forward to starting my 2016 with better health and much more energy than I have at the moment.  I am looking forward to stitching again and continuing with my magazine work....

I hope you have enjoyed a peak into my thread stash and hope you have a great day and of course as always happy stitching!

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