Thursday 17 December 2015

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat!

Chill December brings the sleet
Blazing fire and Christmas treat!

Good morning All

Well my lovely friend from Australia has landed safely and it is now time to take time out to be with her and enjoy her company.

I will be doing a blog on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve but other than that I will be returning to work in January.

My health due to a really terrible bout of flu has been a disaster since October and I feel I have achieved nothing literally for ages.  :But I hope to return refreshed, well and with lots of exciting things to share with you all.  My design book is full ( this is what has kept me resting basically .. I felt I was still doing something with stitching) so I will be sharing this with you all along the way.

I am hoping for a few stitchery books and bits and bobs for Christmas and I will be able to share some book reviews with you all as well.

The house is now filled with Christmas magic, with stockings stuffed and presents under the tree all tied with bows.  Vintage Christmas baubles in glass jars and a real Christmas tree that makes the house smell divine!  Cinnamon sticks are at the ready for mulled wine and apple cider and the fires are lit.

There are jars of candy canes and handmade chocolates and twinkling fairly lights and the scene is set for a cosy and magical time with our friends and family.

My stitchery room although extremely tidy with a guest bed made up in it is ready for 2016 and I have some beautiful fabrics, button, ribbons and linens to create with.  My hand dyed shaker threads are ready and safely tucked up in their boxes .. shining like jewels and ready for design work.  The spectrum of colours is amazing and I am very pleased with how it is all there waiting for my return.

I can not wait to experiment with my new ideas for samplers with incorporating cross stitch and vintage papers.

Sorted are all my cotton threads, paisley drawers and linens ready for the off and on that note I hope see you all here Christmas Eve if you can and ready back here for us to share stories of what we had in our stitchery stockings ... I have been a good girl Santa so fingers crossed!

Keep warm and well and have a great time..... Happy Stitching!


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time. Hope your health is improving
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you Julie ... I have started to feel better now but still a lingering cough. Have a very Happy Christmas yourself

    Sarah xxx