Monday 14 December 2015

Book review ......A school girls work

This book is from the Spencer Museum of Art and Barb Adams and Alma Allen have joined with the museum to share historical schoolgirl cross stitch samplers.  The examples contained within the pages span the years between 1710 and 1841.

I bought this book whilst in America this October and whilst resting up have read from cover to cover and it really is a beauty.

This book wonderful and if you love samplers ( and you know my passion for them) well this book is for you.

There are 24 samplers that are featured and it includes names and dates and a write up of each sampler with some great photos.  You can look at some beautiful needle work ship and to think these were very young girls who
produced such needlework.

The sampler on the left is the work of Sela Sibley, she was aged 11 years old and is dated 1817.  She was born on October the 8th in 1805 in Massachusettes.  She finished this piece of work on July 23 in 1817 right before her twelfth Birthday this beautiful book reliably informs us.  No further information of Sela life could be found but at eleven years old to produce such needle skills you can only imagine what she went on to acheive.

The verse on her sampler reads:

Awake my soul and with the sun
The daily state of duty run
Shake off dull sloth and early rise
To pay the morning sacrifice.

Flowers, house and people with an ABC this is truly a folk art sampler at its best.

There are so many beautiful samplers in this book for you to look at and learn from but it does not stop there my dear readers.  There is a section in the back of patterns and pictures of projects you can make with all the patterns for you do complete each project.

One of these is a sampler called 'where flowers bloom so does hope'  The inspiration for this piece is from a Hannah E Sunderlins work and this is a beautiful one to stitch.  All of the projects are equally as stunning and I can not recommend this beautiful book enough.

I have checked and this book is on Amazon at several prices so check before you order....

I hope you have enjoyed a little look into this most beautiful book .... one for your wish list I think.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have my great grandmother's sampler from 1879, when she was 10, and her daughter's (my great aunt's) from 1904, when she was 12. It gives me a great thrill to have them, but they are not as fine as the ones from earlier years. I also have mine from 20 years ago but I was a little bit older!

  2. How wonderful .. A wonderful heir loom x