Tuesday 10 November 2015

Part two of the Antique American adventure ..... Quilts!

We live in a web if ideas, a fabric of
our own making.

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Having left New Hampshire with a suitcase full of vintage haberdashery goodies and a large smile on my face we were on our way to Connecticut and there was so much to look forward to.  One I had learnt of a quilt shop called CT Quilts and the promise of not only a beautiful quilting and fabric shop but also there were vintage fabrics and quilts and they did not lie!

 Oh what a find and what a shop. Also we were going to meet our dear friends at The Inn at Stonington in Connecticut whom we met on holiday 5 years ago and have met up with ever since.....

I wanted to hold, look at and generally stroke what I had found in New Hampshire but it was packed in the car so I sat content enjoying the ride and watching the changing leaf colours that were along the way, we were off to Stonington in Connecticut and I was very much looking forward to my time there at the stunning Inn with the Ocean views and the smell of the sea and the sound of the ting ting ting of the yachts that are anchored there.  There was the beach combing and walks, which I felt would do me some good and of course the chance to visit a quilt shop that had so much promise and of course meet with our dear friends for lots of laughter and catching up.  I had my flu pills and I was not going to give into it..... with one holiday a year I really was not going to be unwell.

I found some wonderful things there.  American feed sacks that were whole and not cut up.  Several beautiful quilts, one of which is the star of Bethlehem and one that is signed and dated by the original owner and maker ...1922.  Also I found two quilt tops and one of them is feed sack pieces.  I bought some wonderful nine patch pieces with some of the fabric from the 18th Century in them.  This shop is wonderful.  I have asked the owners if I may do an interview and blog about them and they have agreed eagerly and are happy to do so .....  So this means I am going to write a blog and tell you all about them and what they do and believe me it is amazing.

I took these bits to the vintage bazaar and sold some and still have some left so I will be selling them on.  I may load them to Etsy and I will let you know when that is done so that you can see them.

We spent a good hour or more in this beautiful shop find and the people who were there that day were so helpful and pleasant and friendly.

I was so pleased to have found this amazing place and enjoyed our hour or so with very knowledgeable people who could have not done enough and were so pleased and helpful.  Always going out the back to see if there was something else that may be of interest to me.

The blog later in the week when I have done a little interview with them and so that I can get some facts as well as my impressions as well.  Do not miss it if you love quilts and quilting and of course vintage.

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

P.S  Thank you to those of you who have sent get well messsages ... how thoughtful and kind of you.  I am on the mend just still without lots of energy.


  1. How wonderful these things are, sad I couldn't go to Frome to see them - and maybe buy one or two. Are you going to Cowdray on the 28th November?

    1. Hi Maureen

      Sorry not been in touch as been very unwell. I am not going to any show this year now as a stall holder but I will be listing some on Etsy. I will let you know on here when its done....


  2. Hope you are feeling better Sarah.
    Love the Bethlehem Quilt, very attractive.